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Wales Country Guide

Discover Wales

The small country of Wales is on the island of Great Britain and bordered to the east by England. Wales is a part is the United Kingdom, mostly mountainous and has 1200 km (750 mi) of coastline.

Topography and Weather
The highest peaks in Wales are located in the north and central parts of the country, the highest of which is Snowden, 1085 meters (3,560 ft). The small country includes a group of islands in the Irish sea. This island group includes Anglesey, the largest island in the Irish sea. As a result of having a maritime climate Wales is one of the wettest countries in Europe. The maritime influence is also responsible for warm summers with moderate, cloudy and wet winters.

The Languages of Wales

Both English and Welsh are official languages in Wales. Welsh is spoken as a first language primarily in the northern and western areas, while English is the predominant language in most of the remainder of the country. Most road signs are in both English and Welsh with local authorities deciding which is displayed first, based on local usage. Unofficially there are also some areas using mixed dialects, known as Wenglish, that use a combination of the two languages.

Attractions and Activities in Wales

Springtime in Wales brings blue skies, nature in bloom and long sunny days. This is a perfect time for walking on the Wales Coastal Path. The Wales Coastal Path follows the coast of Wales, winding its way along cliff tops and down to sandy beaches. The path will also take you to sheltered coves and tiny hamlets that would be missed if travelling any method. Whether you are looking for a long hike or a short walk the Coastal Path has something for you. The path is just one of the attractions for those that love to be active, there is also fishing, golf, climbing, kayaking, cycling and a host of other sports available. Another popular destination in Wales are the castles. Whether you want to see original ruins, or a restored castle, Wales has them all. No matter if your fancy for castles runs to legends, romance, family entertainment or maybe a haunted castle, Wales has all of these and more. Throughout the spring and summer, Wales also has festivals for everyone. Your interest may lead you to attend a rugby match, a choral or a rock festival or maybe to book a Welsh Canal Boat Tour holiday. Perhaps you would enjoy the International Sheep Dog Trials or the Swn Festival, no matter your interests, Wales has something for you.

The country of Wales has had a long and interesting history. The history, along with the Wales of today, makes this country, a unique and exciting addition to anyone's travel itinerary.

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