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Professional Medical Translation Services - Pharmaceutical Industry Translation Services

If you require medical or pharmaceutical translation services, Axis Translations has medical translation experts ready to provide accurate translations in over 150 languages.

Medical Translation Agency

Accuracy is an extremely important factor for medical & pharmaceutical translations as you cannot afford to have an incorrect diagnosis or prescription. Experience counts and so we separate our translators by speciality to ensure that they focus their knowledge in such specialist areas. With our vast experience in medical document translation services, Axis translations is a specialist medical translation agency.

Medical Document Translation Services

Here are some of the medical documents that we translate:

Prescription Translation
Pharmaceutical Journal Translation
Translation of Medical Journals
Doctors Letters Translation
Translation of Patient Medical Files
Translation for Medical Insurance Reasons
Translation of medical documents for insurance claims and the courts
Medical research translation services

Medical Records Translation Services

In todays world visiting, living and working in a new country is not abnormal. At the same time medical issues do occur and medical records translation can be important. This may be the medical records from a home country or new medical records created by an incident that occured while abroad. Medical records translation can also prove important for insurance purposes.

Pharmaceutical Journal Translation

With advances in medicine occuring so rapidly it is important to keep up to date. In todays global market these developments may not be announced in your language and that is why pharmaceutical journal translations are important to spread knowledge.

A pharmaceuticeutical company should extract and translate articles about it's products so that this information can be used by their sales and marketing team. They also need to translate pharmaceutical journals about their competitors to help maintain thier competiotive edge in the market.

Expert Medical Translation Services

Axis Trabnslations are your experts for the translation of all things medical and pharmaceutical. Why not contact us now to discuss your requirement.

Expert Medical Interpreters

Axis Translations also provides medical interpreting services. This includes interpreting for 'doctor-patient' meetings and other patient consultations. We also provide interpreters for medical conferences, a useful resource for pharmaceutical industry conferences.

Medical Transcription Service

Our services are not limited to printed media, as we can also assist with audio and video assignments with our medical transcription service. We will transcribe what is said and translate this to the language of your choice.

Pharmaceutical Conference Interpreters

We also offer professional language interpreters for medical situations and the pharmaceutical industry. This ranges from medical/hospital appointments to pharmaceutical conference interpreters.

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