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The Internet may well be the most important invention of the modern era. Some years back, people did not think it was possible to meet friends without getting out of the house and people did not think it’s possible to order almost anything from the comfort of their homes. The world has certainly changed quite a bit as even more and more people are enjoying the conveniences of the Internet. Nowadays, all the major companies in the world have set up their websites because it’s the best way to market their products and services and it’s also a great way to connect with their customers on a deeper level. The Internet has definitely opened the door for many entrepreneurs to start their businesses or offer their products and services to the online community, which is essentially the biggest collective market in the history in the world, and it’s growing every day. It’s true that English is commonly used by a great number of Internet users but there are also many other users who don’t understand English or prefer to visit websites in their own language. One of the major languages in the world is French and we will look at some of the reasons why you should translate your website into French. Website translation is important and maybe you should consider a professional French translation of your website.

First of all, you should know that there’s a big market of French-speaking people located in various countries around the world. Altogether, there are some 270 million French-speaking people living in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Algeria, Canada, Vietnam, India, Cameroon, Benin, Madagascar, Togo, and many other countries. When these people go to the Internet, they visit all the French websites because it’s their primary or official language. Now, they may be highly interested in your products and services but when they come to your website and find out that there’s no French translation, the chance is very high that they will just leave, without making a purchase. Yes, it means that you have lost some customers and it’s unlikely that they are going to come back to your website, hoping that you have translated your website into French.

The Internet community is impatient and fickle. Due to the fact that everything can be accessed so quickly and easily, nobody has to be patient. When they land on a website, they will decide within seconds if they want to stay any longer. If you are serious about venturing into the French-speaking markets, you should seriously consider translating your website into French.

If you are looking for professional French translation services for your website, make sure that you are employing native speakers. Depending on your target market, you may need to consider linguists from other French speaking countries rather than France alone.

When you have ensured that you have a suitable French translator, you may also enquire about the design of your website so that you can make a deeper connection with the visitors. Some symbols may not be appropriate for some cultures so it’s always best to be careful.