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The increase in the use of the English language, the numbers of Welsh speaking people has been declining over the past decades. However, it is still a popular language and recent measures including the introduction of the Welsh Language Act 1993 has seen the language experience a strong revival. It is though that Welsh now has an equal status with English in the public sector in Wales which is a great step forward for the ancient language.

Modern Welsh dates back to the sixth century and is very closely related to Cornish and Breton. Most European languages, including Welsh, evolved from a language that we now come to call Indo-European, which in turn developed into nine language groups, one of which was Celtic. Even though Welsh may not be spoken as widely as English, it is actually the oldest language in Britain. The teaching of Welsh is now compulsory in all schools in Wales and this really has revitalised the ancient language. It has in fact helped to reverse the decline of the language and remind the Welsh of their heritage. Now there are even television channels devoted to Welsh programmes including ‘S4C’ and ‘BBC Radio Cymru’ is broadcast everyday.

The UK have also realised how important the Welsh language is to the culture of the country and the BBC have set up a project called The Big Welsh Challenge which challenges celebrities to learn Welsh in 12 months. This is designed to encourage others to learn and understand more about the Welsh language. More and more businesses have picked up on this revitalisation and have started to translate and  provide their product or service information in both Welsh and English.

Welsh translations are increasingly needed for business transactions and communications in Wales. With the rise in popularity of the Welsh language more and more businesses need the help of professional Welsh translators in order to reach out to a larger target audience. Axis Translations can provide accurate and coherent Welsh Translations into or from any other language combination. One of the common translations is from Welsh to English and English to Welsh. They can help with individual cases, perhaps you need an email translated or maybe a medical document is in Welsh and you need it in English. Or maybe your company wants to branch out to include Welsh customers so you need your website and all your marketing material translated. Well, Axis Translations can help! They even deal with technical manuals or legal documentation as their Welsh translators specialise in all different fields of interest.

In order to get the best results possible, Axis Translations have qualified Welsh translators who live in the country and only translate into their mother tongue. They cover all language combinations so whether you need a Mandarin email translated into Welsh or a Welsh website translated into English, they can help!