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Have you ever thought about website translation? If you own a business which is trying to reach new customers in different geological regions, chances are you have a website on the Internet. However, some of these potential customers may know only a few languages, or may only know their native language and if this is a language different to your own, this could be a potential customer who you have now lost. One problem many businesses often find when they are limited to one language, is that through using emails, telephone conversations-and even face to face conversations, if they are conversing with someone of a different language, it is often a losing battle. Statics show that on the worldwide web, there is currently over 550 billion pages live at present. Statistics also show that 56.4% of these pages are in English, 7.7% are in German, 5.6% are in French and 4.9% are in Japanese. When you think all over the world people are thinking, speaking, reading and writing in many more different languages, it makes you realize how many people you are losing due to the language barrier. This is more alarming when you discover that over 100 million people across the world access the Internet in a language other than English. Maybe website translation should be higher on your list of priorities?

Having good communication between people is a key factor in strengthening relationships, and for businesses, helps bring more customers, leads and profit to their company. Many businesses are now finding that by using a professional translation service, they are able to gain a better ground of communication between their business and potential customers who are overseas. Statistics show that people who have access to the web are up to four times more likely to purchase a product from a site which communicates in their language, and are more likely to stay twice as long on a website if it is translated into their own language. These are two exceptional reasons why it makes good business sense to have a translation of your website into different languages. By offering customers the opportunity to view your company’s site in their native language, you will be offering your business the chance to expand worldwide, gaining more customers along the way. This will also enable your customer service and satisfaction to increase as customers will finally be able to vocalize their opinions to you, which in effect could help increase your profits as sales could increase.

By using a language translation service to complete the website translation, you will be able to make the quality of all of your sites the same, showing your customers that they are important to you, no matter where in the world they are. It will also help reduce any confusion a customer may have about a product or service due to their lack of knowledge of your language, or due to a low quality machine-based translation on your website. There are also cost savings to be made by offering a translation of the ‘frequently asked questions page’ and even downloadable translations of product manuals.

As more people around the world use the web as a means to find and buy products, restricting their ability to do so from your business would be foolish for the growth of your company. Using a language translation service could really give you that extra push in to the market you are looking for; all you need to do is think about the long term benefits which I think you’ll agree are great.