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In news, every second matters when getting a story from the front lines of the action to the hands of the readers. When the world's attention turns to rapidly unfolding events in foreign lands, you don't have to wait to get an English source before your reporters can start filing their stories. With a professional translation agency like Axis Translations at your disposal, your news agency can quickly and easily translate stories that need to go into circulation as quickly as possible.

When you don't have a foreign correspondent of your own on the ground, a good translation agency can make it possible for you to report on any situation with speed and accuracy. You can't always anticipate when and where breaking news will break, but with Axis Translations in your toolbox, you can source a story from anywhere in the world, originally written in any language, and reprint it in English. Axis Translation's arsenal of professionals can turn around high quality English copy translated from more than 200 languages, from Arabic to rare African dialects. You can make any independent journalist on the scene your reporter, regardless of his or her native language, with the aid of a translation agency.

From revolutions to worker strikes to natural disasters, firsthand accounts can be one of the most crucial resources for telling the world what's happening on the ground. Don't waste time finding the one witness who can write in English; when you know you have Axis Translations on your side, you can gather eye-witness reports from anyone, and worry about translating the text later.

Axis Translation can also work with you to translate an open call for eyewitnesses into a local language, helping you to garner as many firsthand reports as possible. Axis Translations confidentiality policy means you can offer anonymity to sources without a second thought. When you have the luxury of casting a wide net for sources without worrying about language, you'll be able to find sources who can discreetly provide you with written testimony, even under the most repressive regimes.

Don't let the language barrier stop you from getting the scoop on the next breaking news event! With the aid of Axis Translations, you too can be at the cutting edge of every important world event.