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Spain Country Guide

Spain is one of Europeans favourite destination, poised between the Atlantic and Mediterranean, versatile in its geographic features, culture and attractions. From the beauty of the Pyrenees to the plains of Andalucía, it is a land of unsurpassed beauty. When people think of Spain, it brings to mind bull fighting, the famous novel ‘Don Quixote’ and the memorable art work of Pablo Picasso. While Castilian Spanish, the language in its purest form, is most common, Galician and Basque dialects are spoken as well.

The Spanish climate varies by region. In the central area, it is temperate with hot summers and cold winters. Head to the Pyrenees and the Northern coast and experience cooler weather and regular rainfall. In the Mediterranean regions, experience warmth, sunshine and mild weather. One could experience quite the extremes by journeying throughout the land. 

A visit to Spain is not complete without seeing the capital city of Madrid. It is a wonderful blend of culture, the historic and fun in the nightclubs and bars that abound. With beautiful architecture and amazing, art galleries, Madrid is often referred to as the most Spanish of all cities, providing tourists with what is typically expected with a visit to Spain. From fine cuisine to wonderful entertainment with live music, Madrid is sure to be memorable. The Plaza Mayor, Museo del Prado, Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Plaza de Oriente and El Rastro Market should be on the itinerary.

Barcelona is Spain’s Mediterranean treasure and an absolute favourite of residents and visitors from around the world. Besides being kissed by the sun on its balmy beaches, this Spanish city takes pride in many attractions such as La Sagrada Familia, a great medieval cathedral that towers high above and is awe-inspiring in its architecture. Park Guell, La Rambla, Casa Batlo and Castell de Montjuic are only a few of the other key points of interest.

The Balearic Islands, Granada and San Sebastian are three other highlights offered by a country that is rich with natural and man-made wonders. San Sebastian offers the distinct flavour of a Basque city on a lovely beach, the islands offer coves and mountainous coasts, and Granada has a style of its own, stamped by 800 years when Muslims ruled the city and left their indelible mark. Spain is a land of startling contrasts, providing many delights for the eye, the mind and the spirit at every turn.

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