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After months of planning and a gruelling hours of travel, you've finally made it to the most picturesque spot you could have imagined. You check into your hotel and are off to see the sights, after a few hours you venture back to your hotel only to find fire trucks and smoke, as you make your way closer you remember with great horror that you forgot to turn the stove off! Now, you are being questioned by local authorities and the hotel manager.

Vacationing in foreign countries are part of adventures and memories never forgotten. But what happens when an accident happens and you need to file an insurance claim? Whether it be a skiing accident in the Swiss Alps or a delayed boat from a small island in Italy, translation services are the key to undoing a lot of the mess that can happen when filing an insurance claim in a foreign country and a foreign language. 

Dealing with a foreign legal system can lead to a lot of confusion, not only with the legal documentation but also in understanding the system itself. Legal systems and jargon are different in every country. The endless steps to foreign legal systems can seem to be a complicated sea of forms, office visits and signatures, especially if it's in a language you don't understand or in a country with limited resources. With little help to understand the process of making a claim, translation services can be a light at the end of a dark tunnel. In some countries, the details of accidents can only be written when in the exact location they occurred, followed up with endless visits to offices, only to be told to come back the next day.

On top of that, legal documentation can be hard enough to understand in your mother-tongue, let alone in a language you don't understand. Even if you are fluent at the target language, terms and phrases can differ depending on culture, dialect and tradition. Some languages are spoken in many countries, but phrases and nuances can differ from region to region, even town to town. Before consulting a lawyer, obtaining an accurate translation can help you to understand the legal documents and therefore, the legal systems you are dealing with.

In legal documents, every word counts. It can mean win or lose. Every detail is analyzed and re-hashed. Understanding the exact details of an account can mean everything. Without an accurate legal translation, you could be miscommunicating the details of your account. It can mean getting what you deserve and not getting lost in all the details of the administrative jargon.

Translations of documents and legal terms can help to make things clearer and easier to deal with. Translation can lead to better communication to help you understand what is really going on. Having an accurate and reliable translation can save you time and energy to help you understand how to proceed. It can be a saviour when you thought there was no way out.

Axis Translations assists the individual, the insurance company, the lawyers and all parties involved in claims regarding skiing accidents. This includes the reports of medical teams and emergency services.