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In this article I will introduce cover some basic expressions in Portuguese with translation into English. I hope this article will help those trying to learn the Portuguese language as well as those planning a trip to Portugal.

The Portuguese Alphabet
In order to be understood when you speak Portuguese you must get the pronunciation right. Please refer to this Portuguese alphabet for the pronunciation of the words
A - ah
B - bay
C - say
D - day
E - eh
F - eff
G - zhay*
H -  ‘Er-gah
I -  ee
J -  zhoh-ter*
L -  ell
M - emm
N - enn
O - oh
P - pay
Q - kay
R - err
S - ess      
T - tay
U - oo
V - vay
X - sheesh
Z - zay

The letter K, W and Y are not in current usage unless they refer to foreign names.
*zh is pronounced like the s in the English work pleasure.

Portuguese Translation of Basic Greetings:
Hello                                                               -           Ola      
Good bye                                                        -           Adeus
Good morning                                                 -           Bom dia
Good afternoon                                              -           Boa tarde
Good evening / night                                      -           Boa noite

So lets start with a few translations of English into Portuguese:
Essential English Portuguese Translations:
Yes                                                                  -           Sim
No                                                                   -           Nao
Please                                                             -           Por favor
Thank you                                                       -           Obrigado/a

Portuguese Translation of Polite Phrases:
How are you?                                                  -           Como esta?
I am well, thank you                                        -           Estou bem, obrigada/o (obrigada for a womens reply, obrigado for a mans)
Not at all; its okay                                           -           de nada
See you later                                                   -           Ate logo
See you tomorrow                                           -           Ate amanha     
Sorry                                                                -           Desculpe
Excuse me (trying to get past someone)         -           Com licence

Portuguese Translation of Introductions:
I introduce to you…………….                               -           apresento-Ihe……..
It’s a great pleasure                                        -           muito prazer
Likewize                                                           -           igualmente

Portuguese Translation of Name Question:
My name is …….                                               -       Camo-me ………..
What is your name? (question to a man)       -        Como se chama o senhor?
What is your name? (question to a woman)  -        Como se chama a senhora?
What is your name? (casual ‘you’ for either sex)  -  Como se chama voce?

Portuguese Translation of where your are from or live
I am Portuguese                                             -         Sou portuguesa
Are you English? (question to a man)             -         O senhor e ingles?                   
Are you English? (question to a woman)         -        A senhora e inglesa?
Where do you live?                                          -        Onde mora?
I live in Surrey                                                  -        Eu moro em Surrey

I do hope you have enjoyed my introduction to Portuguese and the English / Portuguese translations provided. On the net you will find a growing number of articles on Portuguese life, Translations and Languages. Enjoy!