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with any legal documentation. Most of us will seek legal advice to help us through legal proceedings but what happens when you are dealing with a legal document in another language? Even if you are fluent in the language it can still be difficult to understand all the legal clauses and language used. This can make understanding twice as difficult and it can leave you feeling lost and confused. Don’t let this happen, instead let Axis Translations make it simple for you! They can translate any legal document for you, no matter what the language and hopefully make legal proceedings run a lot smoother for you in the process!

When it comes to legal documents, accuracy is paramount. If even one word is interpreted incorrectly it could change the whole clause and even effect negotiations between two parties. As well as understanding what each word actually means, when dealing with legal policy it is vital to take into consideration the fact that legal systems can vary greatly according to the country in which they were written. Therefore, it is essential that the translation of any legal document whether it be a will, a contract or an insurance claim is a perfect copy of the original text. Here at Axis Translations we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality legal translations and as all the members of our team are qualified linguists you can be sure that their work is 100% accurate and thorough.

Perhaps you have had been injured whilst on holiday abroad or maybe your property has been in some way damaged, you will of course want to make an insurance claim to recover some of the damages. But if you do not live in the country in which the incident occurred it can become quite difficult to make a straightforward claim. Legal systems and the way they operate can differ according to where you are in the world therefore, what you are used to in the UK may not be the way things are done in say, Portugal. It may be the case that the Portuguese authorities are not very helpful in advising you how to pursue your claim and if all the legal documentation is in Portuguese this can further compound the problem.

Axis Translations specialise is translating documents from all fields of interest including legal and insurance. They can accurately translate any documentation that you can’t understand and make things clearer for you. Once you actually understand what the documentation reads you can hopefully go on to make a successful insurance claim. Do not worry if the subject matter that you need translating is not straightforward or commonplace, our team of translators have extensive language translation experience in all subject matters and are more than happy to help you no matter how rare your case.

Don’t get lost in a sea of legal jargon and foreign words. Let Axis Translations make it clear for you with a legal translation so you can get on and get the compensation you deserve from your insurance claim!