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Christmas is often considered a time of giving and a time of sharing, but most importantly it is a time of year to spend with family and friends. This includes reaching out to friends and family that you don't get a chance to contact most of the year. Whether you are trying to contact those friends or searching for the perfect gift for someone closer to home, a language translation can be the perfect present.

When you have friends or family overseas that are of a nationality you don't speak, why not add a little something personal to your Christmas wishes this year? Though they would love any letter or card you send them, giving them something in their own language can really bring a smile to their face. There are numerous translation and transcription possibilities you can make use of when sending some holiday wishes out to those you care about. By simply sending your message to a translation service, they can send you back the translated copy with ease. You could even rewrite the translation if you prefer to write it with your own handwriting. A translation service can even help if you want to make phone calls, voice mails, or video messages. By hiring an interpreter for their vocal language skills, you can have them translate what you're saying as you say it so those who don't understand your language fluently can still hear your seasons greetings. Even those who can understand will still appreciate the personal touch you add by giving them a message in their own language.

There are many other uses you can have for a translation service this Christmas season. Why not have someone's answering machine message add a Spanish voice translation or another language that will connect you with friends and your local community? As probably the second most widely spread language in the United States, Spanish can be a good option for American clients and it can help a fair few of their callers, and add a special touch of uniqueness to an otherwise bland response to calls.

A translation service might not be the first thing that would leap to mind when thinking up presents for those close to you. But that fact is actually a part of it's appeal. By getting a translation service you can personalize any gift you make far more than you would have been able to otherwise. It will also be a unique gift people will be talking about for a long time to come!