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By Nigel Massey

I have been writing articles about my all things Italian and translations into English. I hope that you might have enjoyed some of my other articles on these subjects. But it appears I have missed the basics.

So in this article I will cover some Italian translations of basic English expressions. I hope this article will help those trying to learn the Italian language as well as those planning a trip to Italy.

So lets start with a few translations of English into Italian:
Essential English Italian Translations:
Yes – Si
No – No
Please – Per favour
Thank you - grazie
Okay – Va Bene / D’accordo

English Italian Translation of Basic Greetings:
Hello – Ciao
Good bye – Arriverdervi
Good morning – Buongiorno
Good afternoon – Buonasera
Good evening - Buonasera
Good night – Buonanotte

Now I remember the first time I was in Rome. Every time I tried to speak Italian, the response was in English. But the quality of the wine seemed to vary with the quality and how much Italian I had spoken. Once, the wine arrived at the table and after we had spoken a few phrases of Italian they took the ½ litre of wine away and brought us a different one! So every word counts.

For me, one of the most wonderful experiences in learning a language is the point when you hold your first basic conversation. Yes it will include sign language and perhaps look to the passers by more like a game of charades. But you will feel great when you have crossed this barrier.

A big part of this is confidence and that is perhaps why so many people talk so much better after a glass of vino /wine.

I do hope you have enjoyed my article about basic Italian expressions and the translations English / Italian provided. On the net you will find a growing number of articles by me on Italian life, Translations and Languages. Enjoy!