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There are numerous grounds for why a business may desire to have translation of Italian. As an illustration; a publishing business. They might purchase the rights to existing Italian publications and use the services of a translation agency to provide professional Italian translations of these works into English so they can be marketed to the English speaking market. This avoid the costs and time involved in creating new works and it can be assumed that the publication will already have been tested in the Italian market. The final version may then be translated into many other languages and sold in many other countries.

The same publication business may also wish to publish works in Italian in Italy. Perhaps they have some specialist publications concerning international football history. The Italians love football and so they have realised that these publications, with a degree of editing for the target market, could be a huge success. However, they have also realised that without an Italian version the books would certainly be a failure. In this case they produce Italian translations and issue them to the market.

Both examples above offer huge cost savings as they have avoided the need to put together completely new works. With the help of a language translation agency they can also outsource the work allowing them to avoid enlargement of their team.

However, the Italian translations for this situation are not restricted to the books themselves. There may be translations of agreements, head of terms, letters, marketing material, websites, etc.

The Italian market certainly offers opportunities in both directions. The ability to bring new products to Italy as well as take Italian products and ideas to your existing markets. Italian translation opens the door and with a language translation agency this can be outsourced, which avoids employment and other fixed overheads. Factors crucial to the modern business model.