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Adwords is basically paid for adverts that appear in the search results on Google. Similar products exist for almost all other search engines. The advertiser bids for selected keyword phrases like ‘London Russian Translator” with the aim that their advert will appear for a relevant searcher.
As many websites are multilingual and target a multilingual client base, the adverts also need to be translated.

Seeing as it’s Google, you might think that the Google Online Translator is the solution, but you would be wrong. Firstly, that translation tool does not consider context and so can return some awful translations. The second biggest issues is that there are character restrictions for the adverts.

The character limits include spaces and are currently (2018) as follows:
Headline 1 - 30 characters, Headline 2 - 30 characters,
Description - 80 characters.
Each of the headlines will be separated by a dash ‘-’.

Taking the example from above of ‘London Russian Translator’ this could be a the advert:
London Russian Translator – Russian Translations In London (26 and 30 characters)
High quality Russian translations in London by professionals. All languages. (76 characters)

The problem is that most languages require more characters than English and Adwords does not offer a proportional increase. Let’s see what Google translate makes of the final sentence:

Italian Translation: “Traduzioni russe di alta qualità a Londra da parte di professionisti. Tutte le lingue.” That’s 86 characters and breaks the limit.
French Translation: “Traductions russes de haute qualité à Londres par des professionnels. Toutes les langues.” 89 characters and breaks the limit.
Portuguese Translations: “Traduções russas de alta qualidade em Londres por profissionais. Todas as línguas.” 82 characters and breaks the limit.

This is where professional translation practices come in to play. A high quality translation agency will ensure that your translations are completed by a selected team of their staff and this team will build up knowledge of your business through the translations they have completed and their research into your company. This knowledge will then apply to your adverts.
The translator will understand the character restrictions, but be better placed to consider the best words for SEO purposes for your target market. This means they will be in the best position to edit your advert to meet your objectives and Googles Character restrictions.

For assistance with translations for Pay-per-click and AdWords campaigns, SEO based translation services or even Russian translations in London, try Axis Translations. www.axistranslations.com