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Many people often think that only legal interpreting services are needed in court cases. However, this is not true. While witnesses may need an interpreter when they are answering questions in court, there are many other instances where official translations will need to be made as a matter of record. This is where a translation agency can step in to help you. They can provide translations of legal correspondence, evidence, and more.

Official witness statements may need to be translated from their original language into the language being used to prosecute a case. An incorrectly translated statement may mean that an innocent person is convicted of a crime that they did not commit, or that a person who is guilty of a crime escapes punishment.

Evidence that is in a foreign language will also need to be translated. Any descriptions that are provided with that evidence will need to be translated as well. Any correspondence between witnesses, defendants, prosecution, or the court services will also need to be translated from the original language used into the language that the court uses.

Another instance in which translation can assist in fighting crime is that of extradition. If a suspect needs to be extradited to the country where the crime was committed, then the orders for the extradition need to be translated and notarized if possible. An extradition can be fought on a technicality - you do not want a bad translation to be the reason you lose your case!

Certified translations are a key aspect of fighting crime, both on a domestic and international scale. If no translation is made, or a translation is done poorly, then a criminal could go free on a technicality. It makes sense to reach out to a legal translation agency such as Axis Translations when you need languages are a factor for an important court case.