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England - Land of Many Languages

England is a melting pot of many languages, cultures and traditions. In 1066 French was the primary language of England until 1362 when the English language took over much of the country. French influence can still be heard in English as well as Latin and Greek. Still today different regions will have their own English accents and vernacular, identifying people’s upbringing by their dialect of English is common. Over the years England’s leaders have been at the forefront of explorations and colonization of nations all over the globe. English language and culture has influenced the world over. England itself has become a melting pot of people from all over seeking prosperity andfreedom. The immigration of people from all over the world has brought diversity in language, culture and religion to England.

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England does not have its own government as such, but is ruled by the Constitutional Monarchy and Parliamentary Democracy of the United Kingdom. Currently Queen Elizabeth II is the Monarch and Head of state. Laws are made by representatives elected democratically to the House of Commons. The second chamber of Parliament, the House of Lords, are appointed in a variety of ways including the House of Lords Appointments Commission, an independent public body that issues recommendations for individuals. The House of Lords is responsible for holding the government accountable and investigating policy issues. The Monarch then signs Acts of Parliament. Queen Elizabeth II has the authority to veto a bill from Parliament but has never actually done so. 

Of the over 51 million residents of England, social class is not defined by monetary value but by family and education. This ranking can be identified easily in the different dialects and accents of the English language spoken by people of different regions. Because of the diverse population, England is a rich home for many of the creative arts including folklore, poetry and the dramatic arts. Literature is an important part of English culture and England has been the home of many classic and influential writers such as Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. 

Bordered by Scotland to the north with Wales on the western border, England is an island country. The North Sea on its eastern border, the English Channel to the south and the Irish Sea sharing the western border with Wales. Much of England is low lying with rolling meadows and pastures. The highest mountains can be found in northern England in the Lake District of Cumbria. West over the Eden Valley can be found the shallower slopes of the North Pennines. Both beautiful mountain ranges are protected as national parks.