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For any business looking to launch their name and services into a new market, obtaining promotional material which coherently sends their message to the desired market is a must. When looking to expand into new, untapped markets, advertising will play a big part in boosting the visibility of their products but without thorough knowledge in their target markets location, their efforts can fall short.

This is where the use of a language translation service can come into play. Effective, powerful marketing material must be 100% error free with sentences that are well structured and written in a language that appeals to its target market. Even if you possess effective and eye-catching copy, if the consumer is unable to understand your message, your marketing efforts will be unsuccessful.

Within many countries across the globe, natives may speak more than one language or will speak a different dialect of a regional language. For example, the US is home to a large Hispanic community, along with a number of residents who also speak French, German, Russian, Cantonese and Vietnamese. As a result, there is a great demand for language translation services in order to produce bi-lingual promotional material for businesses looking to cater for all markets within their residing country, for example, catalogues, brochures, posters and so forth. In order to cater for all markets, many manufacturers are making a conscious effort to set aside funds for advertising off-shore. However, when promoting your business to a new, foreign market, you will have no room for errors or inaccurate translations within your promotional literature.

It is an unfortunate fact that errors can occur within translations-especially when a company makes the decision to handle translations themselves or use electronic translation software. However, even if a company chooses to complete literature translations themselves in order to save time or money, it is important to be aware that not utilizing a professional translation service for advertising purposes can have disastrous effects. An example of the effects of inaccurate translations or lack of coherent translations in advertising is the Matador brand. Although advertised by American Motors as a vehicle of strength and courage, the word ‘matador’ means ‘killer’ in Puerto Rico. In another example, one advertisement for men’s cologne portrayed an image of a man and his dog. However, this advertisement was not well received within Islam as dogs are considered to be unclean.

With global economies growing at a great rate, more businesses than ever are looking for ways in which to increase their brand awareness in new markets, calling for a demand in translation services. No matter what your niche may be, you will require the use of a professional translation service for variety of areas within your business, from translating your website, brochures, promotional posters and even your legal documents.

It is every business’ dream to venture out into foreign markets but without knowledge in the culture and the language, your efforts may be futile if your adverts are inaccurate or even offensive towards to the targeted market. Successful advertising campaigns demand for accuracy and coherency so when promoting in new countries, the use of a translation service is a must. Not only will it ensure that your material is free from errors and your message is portrayed as desired, but it will also break through the language barrier that may previously had stopped you from making the leap from regional success to global success.