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China, formally known as People's Republic of China, is a nation rich in history, diversity, as well as uniqueness. It is a country that has proven strong throughout the years and the richness of culture can be dated way back in history.

Any person travelling to China will be amazed by the wealth of experience that they can take with them even when they leave. For any person interested in travelling to China, it is important that they learn as much about the country as they can so that they know what to expect when they arrive. 

The capital of China is Beijing. Beijing alone is a major tourist destination. It is in Beijing that you can visit many famous places such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China. The Forbidden City was the Chinese Imperial Palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Quing Dynasty. Currently it is the Palace museum and many people enjoy visiting the place in order to experience its rich history. The Great Wall of China on the other hand is part of the 7 wonders of the world and is surely a destination that should not be missed from your tour of Chinese history. Shanghi as well as Hong Kong are also other major cities that must be visited.

There are two major Chinese languages spoken in China, but 292 living languages. The most widely spoken language is Mandarin and the second is Cantonese. There are dialects that can be found, but those are the two main languages.  Minority languages include Mongolian and Tibetan. Remember that you can contact our team for assistance with Chinese translation services for any of the languages of China.

Another great fact about China is that the giant Panda is known as the countries national treasure. They try to do whatever they can in order to keep it preserved. There is also diversity when it comes to religion. Most Chinese follow Buddhism; however, a person can also find Taoism, Islam and Christianity in China. An important fact is that the Communist party of China is the only political party that is in power and has been for many years. China is also the most populated country in the world and there are many different Chinese ethnicities that can be found in the country.

China is a country that should surely not be missed if a person wants to travel. They will be given the chance to experience a rich culture. The major tourist spots should be on any travellers bucket list and if you are looking for delicious and unique food, you can find it in China as well. It's a destination that should not be missed.