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Cambodia is located in the most southern part of Southeast Asia, between Vietnam and Thailand. At just under 70,000 square miles (181,000 square kilometres), Cambodia ranks as the 88th largest country and has a population of just under 15 million. Almost 95% of the people in Cambodia practice Theravada Buddhism.

The climate of Cambodia is tropical, warm and both wet and dry depending on the season. Cambodia has two basic seasons. Southwest monsoons are wet and humid and occur between May and October. During this season temperatures can drop as low as 71.6F (22C.) November to April is considered the dry season with temperatures rising as high as 104F (40C.). The best time for visiting Cambodia is said to be in the dry season.

The primary language spoken in Cambodia is Khmer and it is spoken by approximately 12.5 million of the population. The Khmer language and its various dialects extends out of Cambodia and into certain areas of Vietnam and Thailand. The use of inflections and conjugations are not used in Khmer, making it a non-tonal language. Vietnamese is the second most popular language spoken in Cambodia, but it is spoken by only about 400,000 people compared to the millions who speak Khmer. Other languages spoken include Cham, Jarai, Tampuan and Kuy and about a dozen other languages which combined are spoken by less than 100,000 of the Cambodian people.

Textiles and tourism are the country's two main sources of income. In recent years, Cambodia has seen a steady increase in their tourism rate. Phnom Pen, Siem Reap and the beaches of Sihanoukville are among the most popular tourist destinations. Visitors to the country will find that there are a wide array of hotel choices ranging from modest to luxury hotels and unique accommodations such as beautifully appointed floating tents or idyllic beach bungalows. Most Cambodian lodging choices will include amenities travellers are accustomed to in other countries including Wi-Fi service, televisions, airport transportation, babysitting and more. Casinos are a popular tourist attraction in Cambodia and for those who enjoy gambling, there are several casinos that offer lodging.

Diners in Cambodia can expect to taste the local cuisine which is very similar to foods in neighbouring Thailand as well as other countries in Asia. Rice is a staple at every meal and is also incorporated into many snacks. Freshwater fish and fruits are also main components of many Cambodian's daily diet.

Cambodia is home to a wide array of wildlife. Over 500 species of birds inhabit the country including woodpeckers, pelicans, larks and sparrows. Also sharing the land are over 120 species of mammals including elephants, apes, leopards and antelope.

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