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Beautiful Australia offers a wide assortment for vacationers on holiday. The stunning golden sandy beaches along the coastline brushing up against crystal blue waters are a wonderland of tranquillity. Majestic views surround Australia in every direction you turn. The local people are extremely hospitable and welcome travellers with open arms. 

While visiting Australia, a destination hot spot is the outback where the Aborigines culture resides. The indigenous are one with the land and display their art, traditions and heritage across the lands. About 70 Aboriginal languages still remain the main language of their culture of the original 400 variations. 

The outback offers phenomenal wildlife such as dingoes, koalas, wallabies, kangaroos and sensational sites like Kata Tjuta (The Olgas), Kings Canyon, The Devils Marbles and others. The best way to learn about the outback is to travel via 4-wheel vehicle to discover the amazing ins and outs of the territory. It is definitely a fun way to travel and camp grounds are vast to spend the night. Ayers Rocks (a.k.a. Uluru) in the heart of Australia is a sacred place to the Aborigines culture and the sunsets and sunrises are unlike any on earth you have ever witnessed. 

Australians speak the English language with a lovely accent projected that is very distinctive. Throughout Australia many languages are spoken such as Mandarin, Vietnamese, Greek, Cantonese, Arabic, Italian, Chinese as well as the many variations of Aboriginal speech. For assistance with translations for the Australian market, contact Axis Translations.

The gold coast is a surfer’s paradise with tantalizing waves to conquer. The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland stretches over 3000 kilometres with over 900 islands and close to 3,000 different reefs. Taking a cruise aboard a glass bottom boat is a fantastic way to see the underwater world of the reef and marine life. Waterfalls, National parks and dramatic flowers and fauna will fill your senses with splendour and adventure. Tropical rain forests offer nature at its finest and an impressive spot to endure.

Kangaroo Island is a beautiful tranquil island loaded with kangaroos, wallabies, dolphins, eagles, whales, sea lions and others to see up close. One third of the island is untouched and preserved in its natural atmosphere for a relaxing day of exploring. This lovely island is off the gold cost and a must see while visiting Australia.

There are so many unique wonders to explore in all of Australia’s territories. The diversified cultures, languages, rock formations, wildlife, marine life, night life, golden beaches and more are waiting for your arrival to experience for a wonderful vacation. Many different types of accommodations are available to enjoy this majestic country. People fall in love with the atmosphere in Australia and the friendly, hospitable locals are always willing to help you on your journey across the lands.