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In today’s modern society, within many large scale businesses their main aim is to become more successful and potentially reach a global scale. Being able to target your native market is easy when you are aware of the correct way in which to converse with the consumer, but when it comes to targeting a new and foreign market, this can become next to impossible without the correct language knowledge. When it comes to targeting the Danish market, with the use of a translation service, this is now possible and can aid in a business having an effective and successful marketing campaign.

The history of the Danish language is believed to span over a thousand years, but its originality does not stem from the standard form it has today but instead, existed in the form of the Scandinavian language. In fact, Danish was only named so during the first half of the second millennium. It is due to these different changes that businesses cannot rely on their own variations of translations in order to successfully target the Danish market. By opting to use the expertise of a Danish translation service, businesses can be guaranteed to gain only the highest possible quality of translations, and also hope to be provided with these in a quick time period in order to keep ahead of their competitors. It is only by having the necessary resources in which to communicate with Danish consumers that a business will truly be able to understand the needs of this market and how they differ from other markets. With this knowledge, they will then understand how to use this effectively in order to market the benefits of their products/services.

There is a range of expert Danish translation services which can be found both on the web and through your local directories and many of these specialize in different fields such as legal, medical, financial and business. When it comes to choosing a Danish translation service for your business, it is imperative that you look into different factors which make a great translation service, such as:

  • A company which provides you with a native Danish speaker to complete your translation into Danish.
  • A company which provides you with linguists who are professionally trained in translation.
  • Specialist linguist for specialist document types, such as legal documents.
  • Where necessary, a company should also be able to provide the client with a summary CV of the Danish translator who will be completing your translation.


Obvioulsy the largest Danish-speaking market is in Denmark, with an estimated population of over 5,540,241. Studies also show that Denmark is seen as one of the only areas to have freedom within the EU. This means that with the right means of communication and marketing, businesses from the UK, the US and other English speaking countries aim to market themselves within this profitable market. However, in order for their campaign to run smoothly, the use of a professional Danish translation service is key to turning this fantastic opportunity into a reality.