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Ukrainian Translation

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Axis Translation offers Ukrainian translation to and from English as well as over 150 other languages. Our professional Ukrainian translators work with written and auditory Ukrainian translations and are native speakers of the target language who understand the culture as well as the complexities of the language.

Qualified Ukrainian Translators

All Ukrainian translators who are part of our team have been trained in the translation of Ukrainian, English and other language combinations. As a result, we offer Ukrainian translations that are accurate and with consideration for potential misunderstandings among different cultures and languages.

Beyond ensuring that the translators speak the language fluently and are appropriately qualified, Axis Translations also subdivides its linguist by speciality. It is a fact that some linguists will be more able to translate sales documents, but Axis Translations offers further levels of specialisation so that a linguist can become an expert in translation for a particular field. Nothing is left to chance and our Ukrainian translation team are ready to assist with documents that range from legal contracts, medical research documentation to engineering proposals.

Ukrainian Translation Agency

Those who are planning to expand a business into the Ukraine will find that hiring a translator to work out legal documents, explain medical paperwork or even act as a go-between during negotiations will see improvements in work efficiency. The official language of the Ukraine is Ukrainian and English is not among the most common of the other languages spoken within the country. Having a translator will help smooth the transition and ensure that the language barrier does not slow down your activities.

An online business that is planning to provide global services or who is working with a large number of Ukrainian clients will see that translation services are useful. By having a Ukrainian translation on their website, content is easier for customers to understand. That results in more sales and ultimately creates higher levels of profitability.

Beyond business and financial translation services, Ukrainian translations also provide assistance in website content translating, legal translation and medical translation. These services are often complicated due to the medical terminology, but the translators are well-versed in various terms and technical words so that translations are as accurate as possible.

Jargon used for medical or legal documents are still possible to translate with Axis Translation. Whether the goal is translating from Ukrainian to English or working on a document from English to Ukrainian, the result of using a specialized translator who understands the terminology is a key part of getting the most out of a Ukrainian translation service.

Ukrainian Transcription Services

We can also assist with audio and video recordings with our Ukrainian transcription services. Combined with translation, our transcription services can assist with film-making, creating court evidence, making the news, recordng conferences and more.

Professional Ukrainian Interpreters

In addition to our translation and transcription services, we also offer Ukrainian interpreters. These interpreters can assist you on-location for meetings and a wide range of situations where language may be a barrier. This includes Ukrainian legal interpreters for hearings, meetings with the legal team and Ukrainian court interpreters.

It is not necessary to learn the Ukrainian language personally. By hiring our Ukrainian translation and language services, the processes are simplified.

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Ukrainian Language Facts

  • The Ukrainian language is believed to have common roots with Russian and Belarusian Old East Slavic languages.
  • During the era of the Soviet Union, Ukrainian was considered a dialect of Russian despite the clear differences between the languages.
  • Debate exists regarding the development of the language.
  • Ukrainian is most used in western and central Ukraine.

Ukraine Facts

  • The Ukraine has around 50 million people in the country. Around 73 percent of the individuals are Ukrainian.
  • The Ukraine declared its independence from Russia in 1991. Before independence, the country was considered part of the Soviet Union.
  • The primary industry within the Ukraine is heavy machinery and agriculture. The aerospace and defence industry is particularly well-known for quality around the world.