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Tibetan Translation

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Tibetan Translation Services

Regardless of your Tibetan translation needs, Axis Translation provides the highest quality English to Tibetan translations or Tibetan to English. We can also offer Tibetan translations in combination with over 150 languages. Whether your needs are business, cultural, medical, or otherwise related, communication is essential in your overall success. If you don't ensure that your translations are accurate and of the highest quality, you risk a communication break down. 

Professional Tibetan Translations

Axis Translations offers Tibetan translation services, as well as 200 other languages, for anything from a passage of text to your website. Regardless of the nature or size of your needs, Axis provides Tibetan translation experts that are capable of translating nearly any form of text you have into a useable communication for your audience. Axis is capable of providing high quality, accurately translated documents, books, Tibetan transcripts, as well as assistance with search engine optimization for each of the 200 languages that we support.

The Axis team of Tibetan language experts are also capable of providing various internet and computer based translation services. Axis can help take any computer product you may have to any audience you wish to take it to. We provide Tibetan translations for web pages that are supported in range of formats. This allows you to reach an entirely new market by simply having Axis Tibetan translation services do the work.

Tibetan Transcription Service

Furthermore, we can also assist with audio and video files with our Tibetan transcription service. We can even produce dual-language time-coded Tibetan transcripts to assist file and television productions.

Whatever your language requirement, Axis Translations can help.

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Facts About The Tibetan Language

  • Tibetan is spoken in 5 countries including China, India, Tibet, Bhutan, and Nepal.
  • Upwards of 5 million people speak Tibetan in various parts of Asia.
  • Tibetans are one of the main nationalities of China are known as Zang.
  • The Tibetan language is considered a subgroup of the Sino-Tibetan languages known as Tibeto-Berman.

About Tibet

Tibet is North-East of the Himalayas and is considered part of Asia. Tibet has an elevation of 16,000 feet which makes it the highest region on the planet. The country originally became a unified empire in the 7th century. It is currently occupied by China and has been since the 1950s. Although it is the original home of the Dalai Lama, he has been in exile since the occupation of the Chinese. Although tourism has risen in the past few decades, agriculture continues to be the staple of the Tibetan economy.

Ask one of our Axis experts how we can help you reach a wider audience in Tibet, parts of Asia, or anywhere else in the world with our Tibetan translation service.