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Tatar Translation

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Tatar Translation and Transcription Services

When looking to reach a new audience, whether it's for educational, business, or personal reasons, it's important to ensure that you get the highest quality translation service possible. Something as simple as poorly translated documents or materials could be the difference between your audience taking action on your work, or your audience having no clue what your trying to say. Axis Translations provides the highest quality Tatar translations as well as offering language translation services for over 200 different languages.

Professional Tatar Translations

Axis has experts on hand who are capable of handling any project you may require Tatar translation for. If you have a web presence and need web pages, or even computer programs translated, Axis has a team of professionals who are able to provide Tatar translation service for your entire website making it available in no time to more than 7 million people around the globe. The same is true for any computer program you may have as well as any language you need translated. We also provide SEO assistance services for all of the languages we provide support for.

We offer translation both to and from Tatar. This can include English or hundreds of other languages.

Tatar Transcription Service

Axis also provides the highest quality Tatar translation service for documents, books, print material, Tatar interpretation, accurate transcriptions and assistance with computer and video presentations. We also provide high quality medical and educational Tatar translations. Tatar transcription can help you with audio and video material. Our Tatar translation experts are able to translate anything you need whether it's a Tatar translation to English or an English to Tatar translation service.

Facts About Tatar Speaking Countries

Tatar is a language spoken in Russia and various post Soviet-Union countries. Specifically, Tatar is known as Kazan Tatar and is considered a Turkic language. Traditionally it was spoken by the historical Tatars of Kazan Khnate of which now include Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. More than 6 million people speak Tatar in Russia, Central Asia, Ukraine, Turkey, China, Finland, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, and various other countries of the region.

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Facts About The Tatar Language

  • Tatar was the official language of diplomacy between the officials or Russian and the Turkic people until the nineteenth century.
  • Kazan Tatar is related to Crimean Tatar but they are not to be confused.
  • From the 1930s onwards, the use of Tatar declined as Russian became the primary language for higher education.
  • Although it is still a very widely spoken language, higher education can only be found in the Tatar language in the country of Tatarstan.
  • Western, Middle, and Eastern are the 3 main Tatar dialects.