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Tajik Translation

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Tajik Translation, Interpreting and Transcription Services

Tajik is a close relative of the Persian language, and since the Soviet Union's rule over Tajikistan from 1924-1991, the language quickly developed its own identity. Today, the Tajik language is fundamentally different from languages like Iranian Persian, and finding an accurate Tajik translation service is a difficult process.

Because of the relative rarity of the Tajik language and its similarity to other languages such as Iranian Persian, many companies and individuals believe that they are accurately translating to and from Tajik while they make key mistakes that native speakers will immediately notice. Machine translation services are especially problematic. Online translation programs rarely have a setting for Tajik, and when they dooffer translation, they typically rely on outdated phrases and words that have long since passed out of the language. Computerized translators rarely make any attempt to correct grammar, and due to Tajik's somewhat unusual sentence construction, these attempts usually fail. The result is confusing text that does not make sense to native Tajik speakers.

Professional Tajik Translations

Whether you are translating a single document, an advertising campaign or a speech, you need to work with experienced Tajik translators who understand the language fully. At Axis Translations, we employ native speakers and trained experts to give our clients peace of mind and the best possible Tajik translations at a competitive rates.

Our experts can also translate official documents, which can make travel and immigration easier. We specialize in translating marriage licenses, birth certificates and medical records. We also organize our translators into specialist teams, so whether you need to translate legal documents, advertisements or anything else, we have Tajik experts who can provide reliable translations. We pay close attention to grammar and cultural sensitivity to make sure that we handle each translation properly.

Tajik Transcription Service

We can transcribe audio recording and videos with our Tajik transcription service and deliver the completed document to you in over 150 languages. This can include time-codes and our services are used for film, news and documentaries.

Whether you are creating a website specifically for Tajik native speakers or you are optimizing a product for international markets, we have the knowledge, experience and specialization that you need for excellent interpretation and translation services.

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Tajik Language Facts

  • The Tajik people refer to their language as zabani tajik?, but before Soviet rule, the language's name was zabani fars?, which roughly translates to "Persian language."
  • Some of Tajik's words, phrasing and sentence construction elements come from older forms of the Persian language and may not exist in any other modern form of Persian.
  • Uzbek, Russian and Turkic have all contributed to modern Tajik.
  • Unlike many world languages, Tajik does not indicate gender in its word construction.
  • The Soviet Union played a major role in the development of the Tajik language, both in establishing it as a separate language from Persian and through Russian-Tajik "loan" words.
  • Tajik is written in a Cyrillic script, as are Slavic languages like Russian and Bulgarian. However, Tajik is not a Slavic language.

When you need high-quality Tajik translation services, turn to Axis. We are ready to handle any translation and we stand completely behind our offerings. Click here for a free Tajik translation quote.