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Taiwanese Translation

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Taiwanese Translation, Interpreting and Transcription Services.

Taiwan, an island off the coast of China, is a rising star on the global stage. A democratic country with universal suffrage, high per capita income, and freedom of the press, Taiwan is one of the Four Asian Tigers. Known for their developed economies and white-collar workforce, the Four Asian Tigers dominate the Asian region in economic growth.

Professional Translation Service

Axis Translations’ Taiwanese translation service can help your company tap into this growing market or help your Taiwanese business expend to new markets. We offer Taiwanese translation for any document that you require. We can translate English, Mandarin, Japanese, French, or Cantonese documents to and from Taiwanese. In fact, we offer Taiwanese translations for over 150 language combinations. We can translate web pages, textbooks, medical and legal documents, government paperwork, or family papers. Our professional Taiwanese translations are available for any job that you need, from a one-page birth certificate to a 500-page engineering manual.

Taiwanese people are accustomed to technology and the internet. Without a webpage for the Taiwanese to view, your company will seem primitive and lose business. Axis Translations can help you avoid losing out on market share with our website translations. We can help you create a Taiwanese version of your company or organization’s webpage so you can reach the huge internet market in Taiwan. Our translators can work with simple HTML pages or advanced C++ or CSS code to translate your site from any language into Taiwanese.

Our Taiwanese translation team includes native speakers living in Taiwan and speaking a variety of dialects. We can help you target a specific region and tailor your Taiwanese translations to that area, or offer a generic translation to create a piece that can be used throughout the country. Our agents are happy to help you decide exactly what Taiwanese translation services you need, and our experience translators will exceed your expectations.

Taiwanese Transcription Services

We not only offer written translation, we also provide a Taiwanese transcription service for audio and video material. We can transcribe a Chinese audio recording into Taiwanese, or transcribe and translate video footage into English for use in a documentary. Doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and scholars all use our Taiwanese language services. We can work with your budget and needs to create a custom package that will satisfy all of your translation needs.

Taiwanese Interpreters

We can also assist with providing Taiwanese interpreters on location. Our Taiwanese team of linguists includes trained and experienced interpreters who can assist you at a wide variety of meeting formats.

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About the Taiwanese language

  • Hokkien, or Taiwanese, is a dialect of the Chinese language, but is not mutually intelligible with Mandarin Chinese
  • Written Hokkien Taiwanese and Mandarin are understandable by speakers of both languages
  • Seventy percent of Taiwanese residents speak Hokkien Taiwanese
  • Taiwan has been influenced by the Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, French, and Japanese, all of whom had forces on the island at some point in history
  • Due to Japanese occupation in World War II, many Japanese loanwords permeate Taiwanese
  • Taiwanese students are required to study one of the “mother tongues” of Taiwan in school. Hokkien Taiwanese is a popular choice.
  • Taiwanese is a complicated language with tonal indications, multiple written scripts, and vocabulary that shifts depending on the speaker’s age and gender.
  • Our professional, native speakers ensure that your materials are culturally appropriate. Contact us today to learn how our Taiwanese translations can help you.