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Swedish Translation

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Accurate Swedish Translation Service

If you are in need of a Swedish translation, let Axis Translation help you. We offer translation to and from Swedish and any of the other 150 languages we offer. We employ only native speakers to translate into their native languages. Our Swedish translators are normally based within the country of the target language to ensure that they are up to date on all the nuances and cultural factors of the language.

Professional Swedish Translators

With Axis Translation, you can be sure that your Swedish translations will be accurately and professionally completed. We offer our translation services for a variety of projects. Some of the ways we can help:

  • Swedish medical translation assistance to those in the medical field who want to translate journals, case studies, or other information to or from Swedish. We believe medical advances should be spread aroundthe world and are pleased to assist in making this a reality.
  • Swedish legal translations for those in legal professions who want to be sure that all contracts, agreements, and other legal documents are properly understood
  • Business professionals who want to translate marketing materials or websites into their customer’s language in order to increase sales. Did you know buyers are four times more likely to make a purchase if thewebsite is in their native language?
  • Swedish translations of technical manuals to ensure the users fully understand how it something works, should be maintained and safe use.

Any translation project you can think of we can complete. We handle assignments as small as private correspondence upto large technical manuals for international companies. We are your best choice for a Swedish translation service. Contact us today for a free quote and to see how we can help you with your language requirements. We are also happy to provide Swedish interpreters for courts, conferences and meeting. Swedish transcription services are also offered.

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Swedish Language Facts

The Swedish language is the largest of the North Germanic languages, with over 10 million speakers, predominantly in Sweden and Finland. Most people who speak Swedish can also understand Finnish and Danish. There are a few regional dialects in the more rural areas, but the Swedish language is largely standardized.
Swedish, like the neighbouring languages in the region, is descended from the Old Norse spoken by the Germanic people during the era of the Vikings. There are very few inflections in Swedish, similar to the wayEnglish is spoken. The alphabet contains 29 letters, 26 of which are the ISO basic Latin alphabet.