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Simplified Chinese Translation

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Simplified Chinese Translation Services

Simplified Chinese translation is a great asset for any international company. High-quality simplified Chinese translations are the key to breaking into the growing Chinese market. China's economy is currently the second largest in the world and grows more and more each year. Many economists predict that China will surpass the United States to become the largest economy in the world by 2020. Businesses must take advantage of the growing Chinese marketplace if they hope to survive the chaotic economic atmosphere of the 21st century.

Axis Translations offers exceptional simplified Chinese translation services. We can handle your language translation needs for any simplified Chinese documents you may have. Simplified Chinese is one of two styles of writing Chinese characters currently in use. The other is known as traditional Chinese. Simplified Chinese is used in mainland China and Singapore while Taiwan uses traditional Chinese. Hong Kong uses both. Axis Translations can translate simplified Chinese documents into English or English documents into simplified Chinese. In fact, Axis Translations can translate a document from any of the languages we offer into simplified Chinese. We can also translate from simplified Chinese into any of those languages. French, Russian, German, Spanish, Hindi, Turkish, Indonesian and over 200 other languages are offered by Axis Translations.

Professional Chinese Translation

Our translators of Chinese are highly trained and translate into their native language. This is to ensure that unsightly grammatical errors do not appear in the finished product. Grammatical errors can make a business look foolish and unprofessional. This is unacceptable in the Chinese market, where a company's reputation is highly valued. In additional to grammatical perfection, Axis Translations ensures that every translation is precise. We have specialists in the legal, business, financial and technical fields. Our specialists make sure that documents translated to or from simplified Chinese meet every standard of excellence and correctness.

Chinese Website Translation

China is expected to become the world's largest economy within the next decade, but it already has more Internet users than any other country. Let Axis Translations translate your websites into simplified Chinese so that Chinese customers and Internet users can see what you have to offer. We even offer SEO services for translated websites. In addition, we can translate simplified Chinese websites into English or any of the other languages we offer.

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Here are some interesting facts

  • Simplified Chinese became the official written standard of mainland China in the 1950s. The purpose of simplification was to make the language easier to learn and faster to write.
  • Although the government did not endorse simplified Chinese until the 1950s, some simplified characters have existed for over 2,000 years.
  • It is estimated that a typical Chinese person knows around 5,000 Chinese characters. A well-educated Chinese person might know over 7,000. Simply reading a newspaper requires knowledge of over 3,000 characters.
  • Chinese characters are made of a number of brush strokes. Historically, scribes wrote the characters with a calligraphy brush and black ink. The scribes wrote the strokes in each character in a specific order.
  • Chinese students must memorize many characters each day. To learn to write simplified Chinese characters, they will write each character 20 or more times.
  • Some simplified Chinese characters are exactly the same as traditional Chinese characters, some have only slight differences and some do not look similar at all.