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Serbian Translation

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Serbian Translation Services

Our Serbian translation services are of the highest quality available anywhere, performed by translators fluent in both Serbian and the opposing language, regardless of what language that happens to be. Whether you want your new book to be readable by native Serbians or are seeking to localize your website, we can do the hard work for you. But mere text is no limitation — we can create Serbian translations for audio or video as well by combining this with our Serbian transcription service. Our experts are equally adept at transcribing audio into written Serbian, creating high-quality Serbian transcripts from any material.

Professional Serbian Interpreter

Our Serbian language services do not end with translation and transcription. We can also provide Serbian interpreters on location  for conferences, court interpreting, meetings and a wide range of other circumstance.

Expert Serbian Translator

Translation services for more obscure languages with fewer native speakers can be much harder to find than those for the big contenders like French, Spanish or Russian, but in a way quality translation for such languages is even more important. Serbian, until recently known officially as Serbo-Croatian, is one such small but significant language and we can assist not only with translations to or from English but also translate Serbian in combination with more than 150 other languages.

With 16.5 native speakers, a Serbian translation of your text or multimedia is well justified, yet the language remains localized enough for your creative output to potentially have a visible impact on the Serbian-speaking population. Serbian is a native tongue in not only Serbia itself but also in several neighbouring countries including Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro — a significant portion of Eastern Europe. If you've determined that Serbian translation is right for you, there's no need to look further than Axis Translations. Be assured that we can help all types of clients ranging from international companies to private individuals.

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Facts About Serbia

  • A landlocked country with a population slightly over 7.1 million
  • Ruled by the Ottomans before the Serbian revolution of 1804-1815
  • Nearly a third covered by forest
  • Religiously nearly entirely Serbian Orthodox, with Catholic, Muslim and Protestant minorities

Facts About the Serbian Language

  • Has undergone numerous name changes due to shifting political boundaries in recent decades
  • Essentially the same as what is known as Bunjevac, Montenegrin, Croatian, or Bosnian in neighbouring countries
  • A highly inflected language with 7 noun cases, 7 verb tenses and 3 moods
  • Written today in both Latin and Cyrillic, and historically in Glagolitic and Arabic scripts
  • The only Slavic language to use a pitch accent system, indicated by diacritics in writing