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Romanian Translation

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Romanian Translation Services

Nowadays companies are expanding their services and becoming global. Having a global customer base can vastly increase profits. In order to take full advantage of the global market, however, one must be able to communicate with customers who speak a variety of languages and provide them services in their native language. Axis Translations can be the crucial link to companies and customers from all around the world.

Romania is a prime area to provide services and products. Other translation companies may not offer Romanian translation, but Axis Translations can provide high-quality Romanian translation services. These services include translations from English to Romanian and vice versa. Furthermore we also offer Romanian translations in combination with over 150 language combinations.

Why Choose Axis Translations?

Axis Translations cares about accurate and professional Romanian translations. Other companies may hire translators that have Romanian translating skills that aren't completely fluent and give inaccurate translations.

Axis Translations only employs expert Romanian translators who speak the target language as their mother tongue, who have obtained a professional qualification as a translator and have sufficient experience in the document types they are allowed to translate. We also continually monitor our linguists to ensure that our high quality standards are maintained. Further more, we also restrict the volume of work for each translator to ensure that each assignment is given the correct amount of time for translation, research and quality control. Because of this, clients can rest assured that their translation needs will be fulfilled by trained professionals at Axis Translations.

Romanian Interpreters

We also offer Romanian interpreter services, meaning that we can provide linguists on location to assist with a wide variety of meeting formats.. This ensures that companies have every Romanianrequirement fulfilled.

This includes Romanian court interpreters, Romanian interpreters at conferences and exhibitions and Romanian medical interpreters for hospitals and insurance claims.

Romanian Transcription and Translation Service

Most companies may only deal with text translation. Axis Translations prides itself upon the high-quality text translations that it offers, but that's only one option for clients to choose from. Axis Translations also offers a Romanian transcription service, that can be combined with translation, for audio and video sources. We produce precise, word-for-word translations and transcription of Romanian audio and video. Voice-over recording services for videos are also available. Our transcriptions can be delivered in a dual language format with time-codes for film and documentary teams.

Romanian Website Translation

With the Internet's exponential expansion, online opportunities for business have arisen. Axis Translations understands the power of websites and offers accurate web page translation services. Giving Romanians access to a company's software in their native language can do wonders for a business, and it can help customers to more easily use the software. Axis Translations provides Romanian translation for the purpose of software localization. Remember that Romanian also assists with reaching Romanian speakers resident outside Romania.

With all of these Romanian translation services, a company can really expand its products and services to potential customers in Romania and benefit the business many times over.

Romanian Language Facts

  • It is a Romance language with Latin features
  • It has taken many words from Slavic languages and others
  • Romanian took written form in the 16th century
  • A Cyrillic alphabet was used until the shift to a Latin alphabet was ushered in
  • It is the official language of Romania


Romania is a country in South-eastern Europe that borders many countries including Hungary and Moldova. Romania has a population of about 19 million people, and its capitol city is Bucharest. Romania has really blossomed after the 1989 Revolution and toppling of the communist regime that controlled it. Now Romania is a thriving country with capitalism and solid incomes for its residents. Romania has a president and is part of the European Union and NATO.

Axis Translations can provide professionalism and high-quality translations to fulfil every business need. From translating an email to localizing a complicated piece of software, Axis Translations is here in every manner to translate, transcribe, and do much more.

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