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Punjabi Translation

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Punjabi Translation Services

Axis Translations offers the highest quality Punjabi translations from Punjabi to English, English to Punjabi and many other combinations. In fact, our translation services encompass over 200 languages. Axis is a reputable and reliable language translation service provider that can fully translate Punjabi to or from literally any other language in the world.

Professional Punjabi Traslation

Our team consists of eminent and experienced Punjabi translators. Each translator specializes in a specific field, such as medical, legal, financial among others. Regardless of whether your Punjabi translationrequirements are large or small, you can rely on us to meet your needs in a satisfactory way. Do you want a web page or a piece of software to be translated into Punjabi? We have an excellent team of Punjabi editors and software engineers who can easily localize any website or software product. This is not all, we also provide medical, legal and highly technical translations.

Punjabi translations are often with a focus on sales as clients are 4 times more likely to make a purchase in their own language. We assist those individuals and businesses who want to increase their chances of success by communicating to their clients in their local language.

The Punjabi translations services offered by our company are of a high quality since they are rendered by Punjabi speakers who are native to the country. Translations from Punjabi are then completed by native speakers of the target language. In order to ensure that the end result of our translations is of high quality, our translators are required to have completed extensive training before gaining sufficient experience in the field that they will translate.

Punjabi Interpreters - Punjabi Transcription Service

Apart from standard translation services, we also offer Punjabi transcription and Punjabi interpreters on location. The transcription can assist with audio and video material where the interpreters can help you with a wide range of meeting formats, including courts and conferences. No matter what your Punjabi translation and language needs are, you can rely on us to deliver flawlessly.

Punjabi Language Facts

The people of Punjab in India and Pakistan speak Punjabi. This language is also spoken by some people in the neighbouring states of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

Different dialects of Punjabi include Lehnda of Pakistan, Malwai, Koabi and Majhi. The Punjabi language is closely linked to the Sikh religion.

The Punjabi language is written in scripts such as script based on Gurmukhi alphabet and the Perso-Arabic script.

Punjabi is largely a tonal language - the speakers make use of a wide range of tones to distinguish between words that would be identical otherwise.

Mastering the importance or usage of these tones can be very challenging to those who wish to learn Punjabi as a second language.

Ancient Punjabi oral poetry remains an integral part of the folklore of Punjab even today.

About Punjab

A State in the North Western part of India, Punjab is bordered by Haryana to the South, Himachal Pradesh to the East, Jammu and Kashmir in the North and Rajasthan to the South West. Chandigarh is the capital of both Haryana and Punjab. Some of the popular cities of Punjab include Patiala, Amritsar, Bathinda, Mohali, Ludhiana and Jalandhar.

Contact Axis Translations today for a free quote on the Punjabi translation services you require. Plenty of customers will vouch for the quality of our translation services one hundred percent. So if you are looking for Punjabi transcription services, software localization, interpreters or translation services, get in touch with our Company today!

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