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Polish Translation

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Professional Polish Translation Service

Axis Translations provides you with the Polish translation service of language experts. Our Polish Translation Team includes translators experienced with an extremely wide range of specialist topics that includes legal, medical, technical, and a wide range of other subjects.

We offer Polish translation for over 150 language combinations. This or course includes Polish to English translation and the translation of English to Polish.

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Our Polish translation services are not limited by project size. In fact, our translations range from simple phrases through to projects consisting of boxes of paperwork for legal cases. Rest assured, we can apply the correct Polish linguist or team of linguists to meet your requirements.

Qualified Polish interpreter

Axis Translations also offer Polish interpreters on location. This service includes court interpreting, prison visits, business meetings, conferences and wide range of other situations.

Polish Transcription Services

We also offer Polish transcription. This service is most commonly requested for TV/film, evidence, marketing and training.

Quick Polish Language Facts

Polish is the second most spoken of the Slavic languages, with Russian being the first. The Polish language is obviously Poland’s official language where it is spoken by 38 million inhabitants. In addition, you can also find native speakers of Polish in eastern Lithuania, as well as in western Belarus and Ukraine. Through emigration Polish speaking communities can also be found in such countries as the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, etc. An estimated 40-48 million people currently speak Polish, with 43 million considering it their first language (Source: Ethnologue).

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