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Pashto Translation

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Pashto Translation Service

The Internet is a big place. How do you get your company to stand out from the crowd? How can your message reach a wider audience? One of the best ways is to offer your services in multiple languages. With our extensive experience with over 200 languages, Axis Translations can help you to reach the widest audience possible. One useful language is Pashto and we offer a professional Pashto translation service.

Pashto Translation and Language Services offered by Axis Translations

Expert Pashto Translation:

We are able to translate any document regardless of length or complexity. The order can be as short as a few sentences or as long as an entire e-book.

Pashto Website Translation:

One of the best ways to reach a wider audience is by translating your website into multiple languages. Although online translation services exist, they tend to produce erroneous output that is very difficult or even impossible to comprehend. Our translations are done by real native speakers. We support HTML, PHP, XML and CSS files, in addition to content management systems like Drupal, TextPattern and Wordpress.

Pashto Social Media and Advertisement Translations

We can help translate your advertisements and press releases into any language that you choose. We will also help you to make posts on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter in any required language. This can help your business to reach a whole new audience that was never possible before.

Pashto Interpreters

Axis Translations can provide you with a Pashto interpreter on location for your meeting. This includes conferences, courts and wide range of circumstances where a linguist on site may help you achieve your objective.

Pashto Transcription

Audio and video? We can help! We offer a Pashto transcription and translation service. We can produce a dual language document together with time codes to help you identify the text at each moment.

What makes Axis Translations unique?

Axis Translations employs only native speakers of the target language. All of our translators are qualified and experienced with specialist knowledge to assist in each field. We support over 200 languages from all over the word. We never use computers to complete the translations, instead all translations are made by a real human being to guarantee the maximum possible quality.

Contact Axis Translations today for all of your language services. We look forward to working with you.

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Pashto Language Facts

  • Spoken in Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • Also known as Afghani
  • One of Afghanistan's two primary languages, the other being Dari Persian
  • Spoken in Northwest and Western Pakistan
  • Spoken natively by over 60 million people
  • Uses an altered version of the Persian alphabet
  • Extra characters have been added for sounds specific to Pashto