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Norwegian Translation

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Norwegian Translation Services

Axis Translations is the one-stop for all of your Norwegian translation, interpretation, and transcription needs. Norwegian is just one of over 150 languages we offer language services for, and while English-Norwegian and Norwegian-English translations are the most common, we can translate Norwegian to or from any of our other languages. All of our Norwegian translators and interpreters are native speakers who work exclusively with conversions to their first language, and we hold them to the highest standards with regular evaluations.

Axis Translations can fulfil all of your Norwegian translation needs. Expand your business’s reach into one of the wealthiest and most economically stable countries in the world by offering a Norwegian version of your website, advertising in Norwegian, or opening communications with Norwegian contacts. Make sure you get the information you need from documents and records, whether business-related, technical, medical, or genealogical. We can even help with larger projects such as books and manuals. Norwegian translations can be complicated because of the multiple written forms of the language. Trust us to ensure that the information you receive and present to others is accurate, complete, and natural-sounding.

Norwegian transcription and translation service

We also perform Norwegian transcription of audio content, as well as create engaging audio in Norwegian to help you present ideas and expose your products to more potential customers.

Professional Norwegian interpreter

You can even retain a Norwegian interpreter for meetings, conferences, negotiations, and other face-to-face communications. Whatever services you may need, we’ll be happy to provide you with comprehensive solutions.

About Norway

Norway has a population of nearly five million people. Its capital is Oslo, a rapidly growing trade centre. Major industries include petroleum, manufacturing, shipping, electricity and power, paper and pulp, and fishing. Norway is internationally known for its beautiful, varied landscape and its citizens’ high standard of living.

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Facts About the Norwegian Language

  • A close cousin to Danish, which was formerly the dominant language of Norway
  • Four written forms, two of which are officially recognized: Bokmål and Nynorsk
  • Spoken by over five million people
  • Has an alphabet of 29 letters, including three vowels not used in English
  • Word meaning can be highly dependent on stress and inflection

Take your business to the next level today by contacting Axis Translations for a free quote on your project. We’re sure you’ll find our Norwegian translation service beyond comparison