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Mongolian Translation

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Mongolian Translation and Transcription Services

We are one of few companies that can translate documents to and from Mongolian. Here at Axis Translations we only use real people who are native Mongolian speakers and currently immersed in the culture. Unlike our competition we do not use people who studied Mongolian as a foreign language nor do we use automated translation software which tends to produce strange and often ridiculous results. If you are intending to communicate to the Chinese residents in provinces bordering Inner Mongolia, such as in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning and Xinjiang, it will be a good idea to consider having your documents translated to Mongolian in addition to Mandarin. After all communicating to people in their own language shows a higher level of care. 

There are just under 5.5 million known speakers of the Mongolian language today. Slightly less than half are living in Mongolia, about half in China, and the remainder in smaller communities scattered across Russia, Afghanistan, Korea, and Japan. As it is not known the exact number of native speakers residing in China as the country does not keep updated records of language and dialect literacy of its population, the actual number could well be millions more. 

Although spoken by a relatively small number of people when compared to speakers of major languages of the world, Mongolian is indeed a complex language with several dialects that are as diverse as their geographical dispersion. Even modern scholars cannot agree how extensively Mongolian dialects have delimitated from the original language today. As such it is crucial that we have your documents translated accurately to your intended audience. Whether it will be in Kharchin, Khalkha, Khorchin, Kalmyk, Oirat, Baarin, Buryat, Barghu-Buryat, Chakhar, Baarin, Alasha or Ordos, if you are not certain of the choice of dialect, simply leave the decision to our expertise. While some dialects are closely related, others differ substantially. The difference in each dialect is not just restricted to the nouns but rather variations in the form of reconstructed vowels and verbal suffixes. 

Varying climate, diets, lifestyles, and assimilation into the host countries' culture are some of the main reasons how dialects evolved. As the same object can even be described in a multitude of ways, proper translation to the intended audience plays a vital role in communication. The last thing you want will be getting lost in translation with important documents such as legal contracts and medical records. Besides being a costly mistake, it can tarnish your company's long standing good reputation in a heartbeat.

Some examples of what we have translated for our clients include manufacturing contracts, licensing agreements, import and export documentation, barter trade papers, Eastern medicine reports, operating instructions, technical white papers, brand names, website copywriting, television programme subtitles and audio transcripts. Our Mongolian translation service isn't limited to English, in fact we are open to all the languages within our offering. 

Whether you have a document ready for our translation or simply want a quick price estimate, we can be contacted by e-mail or phone at your convenience. 

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