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Mandarin Chinese Translation

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Professional Mandarin Chinese Translation

We offer Mandarin translation services for types of situations and this includes business. As the economy of China develops more and more each year, it becomes critical for companies operating there to branch into new markets. Companies inside the Middle Kingdom will want to move their products to more countries in order to keep up with the explosive growth. Companies from outside of China will wish to take advantage of the burgeoning growth of China's middle class.

Experts in Mandarin Chinese Translation Services

Correct Mandarin Chinese translation services are essential to this growth. Axis Translations offers a variety of services for precise Mandarin Chinese translation. Precise translations are essential. It is unacceptable for customers, employees, suppliers or anyone else to misunderstand the intended meaning due to poor translation of Mandarin. The Mandarin Chinese translation services offered by Axis Translations are also grammatically accurate. A translation with poor grammar may be humorous, but it can also be embarrassing. Poor grammar is a sign that a company does not pay attention to details, and is unacceptable from any serious translation service.

Due to its dissimilarity with Western languages, computer algorithms are unable to properly translate to or from Mandarin. Using a computer to translate from Mandarin usually results in gibberish. Many human translators also have difficulty working with Mandarin Chinese translations. This is because of Mandarin's immense complexity. There are thousands of characters that form hundreds of thousands of different words. In addition to normal words, ancient proverbs play a critical role in the language. Understanding the history and meaning of a proverb is vital for a proper translation.

Mandarin Transcription - Professional Mandarin Interpreters

Axis Translations does not only offer text-based translation services. For Mandarin Chinese, transcription services and Mandarin Chinese interpreters are also available.

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Here are some interesting facts about Mandarin Chinese

  • Mandarin Chinese is the most common dialect of Chinese, but there are many other dialects, such as the Cantonese dialect popularized by Hong Kong films.
  • Within Mandarin there exist many different regional accents, such as Southwest Mandarin or Northeast Mandarin. The standard dialect used in the media is based on the Mandarin spoken in Beijing.
  • The largest Chinese dictionaries list as many as 90,000 characters. However, only about 7,000 characters are commonly used. It is estimated 3,000 characters are required for basic literacy.
  • The Chinese language has a long history. The oldest Chinese characters known are just over 4,000 years old. They were inscribed upon turtle bones by ancient priests, who then burned the bones in a type of divination.
  • Mandarin Chinese has more native speakers than any other language in the world. According to the Chinese government, over 800 million people speak Mandarin Chinese as their mother tongue.