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Maltese Translation

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Maltese Translation and Transcription Services

Maltese, one of the national languages of the small Southern European island of Malta located in the Mediterranean Sea, is spoken by over 400,000 people worldwide, including populations in Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and by Maltese descendants in Tunisia. This unique language mirrors the rich 7,000-year history and the culture of its people and geography; because Malta has bridged the continents of Europe and Africa for centuries, the Maltese language is a complex layering of languages, a Semitic language with heavy Italian and Sicilian influences.

As technology and travel shrink the relative size of our world, we need to find ways to negotiate a multitude of languages, including the complexity of Maltese. Whether you are seeking help to reach a new marketing audience for tourism, to have business, legal, or medical documents translated, or to assist with personal translation needs, Axis Translations is the linguistic answer, providing English to Maltese and Maltese to English translation, transcription, and interpretation services for governmental agencies and corporations, as well as private individuals.

We provide language services for English to Maltese, Maltese to English, in addition to any combination with over 150 other languages, from highly qualified linguists with proven skills, experienced in a variety of fields, including business, technical, marketing, legal, medical, financial, and personal matters. This expertise sets Axis apart from other online translation companies.

Whether you need a single translation of a document, a long-running publication translation need, or a permanent partnership, our Maltese translation service can help draw in new customers or work with you to achieve your personalized goals. A free quote will put your mind at ease about our competitive rates and reliable services.

In addition to textual translations, such as brochures and webpages, Axis Translations can provide live interpreters for meetings and conference calling, Maltese voice overs for video and audio resources, and Maltese or English transcriptions of video and audio material. Whatever your Maltese translation needs, Axis Translations is your language expert. 

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More Maltese Language Facts

  • Maltese is the only official Semitic language in the European Union.
  • It is also the only Semitic language officially written with the Latin alphabet.
  • A written form of Maltese developed rather late in the island’s history, not until after the Normans ended Arab rule in the eleventh century.
  • Maltese was not recognized as an official language until 1934.

English to Maltese, Maltese to English, or any number of other language configurations, Axis Translations is here to help you.