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Macedonian Translation

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Macedonian Translation Services

As the birthplace of Alexander the Great, Macedonia has a long, rich history. In modern times, the people of Macedonia live across the Balkans and the European continent. Native speakers of Macedonian number in the millions and Axis Translations offers professional Macedonian translations to and from over 150 languages.

Macedonian speakers live in many different countries. Large populations are found in Australia, Canada and the United States, as well as Albania, Greece, Serbia, and Bulgaria. Axis Translations offer Macedonian translation services for documents in English, Albanian, Greek, Serbian, Bulgarian, and many other languages (over 150 languages).

Professional Macedonian Translators

Macedonian translation can be complicated. Numerous dialects, multiple alphabets, and loanwords from diverse languages make translating to or from Macedonian a daunting task. Communities in different countries speak vastly different versions of Macedonian. This is a good reason for choosing our services as Axis Translations uses professional, native speakers with years of experience to tailor your translation. We will help you decide which variation of Macedonian you need to use, and we can translate from every Macedonian dialect. Our Macedonian translations are easy-to-read, culturally appropriate, and carefully crafted to the highest standards. We even offer Macedonian translation of legal and medical documents. We understand the importance of accurate translation, and we are proud of our work. You won’t be disappointed by our services.

We also offer a unique service: Macedonian Website translation. We translate websites, computer programs, and e-documents. Our translators are comfortable working with a variety of formats to help you translate your website to or from Macedonian. We can also work with computer software and documentation to create a legible, quality Macedonian translations. You need trained, experienced professionals who specialize in computer-based translations, and Axis Translations has them.

Accurate Macedonian Translation

In addition we have marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) experienced staff waiting to assist you. Your website will be professionally translated with consideration for ranking high in internet search engines for the agreed search terms (keywords).
Don’t settle for mere translation; use Axis Translations to help you achieve the potential of a high-traffic webpage with plenty of unique visitors.

Our Macedonian translation services are the best in the business because we use a team of professional translators to create the highest-quality translation.

Other Macedonian Language Services

Macedonian Transcription – We accept video and audio recordings which we then transcribe and translate into the language of your choice. This can include time codes and dual-language formats.
Macedonian interpreter – Would you like a Macedonian linguist to assist you on location? We can help. We offer interpreters for a wide variety of meeting formats that includes; Court appearances, prison visits, medical appointments, conferences, business meetings and more.

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Facts about the Macedonian language

  • Due to broad geographical distribution, the Macedonian language has numerous dialects, grouped into these six categories: Ohrid-Prespa, Debar, Polog, Kostur-Korca, Northern, and Eastern. Axis Translations can help you determine which dialect is best for your needs.
  • Like many European languages, nouns have three classes: Masculine, feminine, and neuter, and have singular and plural cases.
  • The Macedonian language uses loan words from Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian, Ottoman Turkish, English, Russian, and Old Church Slavonic languages.
  • The modern alphabet was not developed until after World War II. Some Macedonians still use the older Cyrillic alphabet.