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Latin Translation

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Latin Translation Services

While it is true Latin is not a spoken language, it is still very much alive. Axis Translations can translate your email, message or any amount of text to or from Latin. Axis Translations can translate a brochure into Latin from English or translate a Latin email into Farsi. We will accommodate any and all translation requests, and we can translate from any language into another. Axis will gladly translate entire books, manuals, pamphlets or any printed material into or from Latin. We can translate a Spanish poem into Latin, Farsi or Russian. There is no limit to the languages we can translate into Latin.

Axis Translations can also translate webpage’s, HTML, PHP, Perl and CMS into Latin. Translating computer based languages into spoken or read languages extends your customer base and opens fresh, new markets. Advertisements, press releases and blogs for your business can all be translated into Latin

About the Latin Language

Latin was the official language of Rome and the language of Europe for almost 1,000 years. It is the official language of Vatican City, the home of the Catholic Church. Latin is used extensively in medicine, law, and government. Latin is also used in biological taxonomy, the naming of plants and animals. The first book published on a printing press, the Gutenberg Bible, was written entirely in Latin.

Latin Language Facts

Latin is the progenitor of Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian. In the English language, 60 percent of English words are of Latin origin and 90 percent of English words of more than two syllables are Latin. Latin is a language of vowels and consonants, similar to all European languages with the exception of Greek; however, like Greek it is a language heavily dependent on cases instead of word order for meaning. For high school students, learning Latin has been proven to raise the SAT verbal and math scores significantly higher than other languages taught in high school.

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