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Kyrgyz Translation

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Kyrgyz Translation and Transcription Services

In today's global economy, an increasing number of businesses and individuals are growing closer together, and the need for Kyrgyz translations is becoming a higher priority than ever before. Axis Translations has on staff qualified professionals who can translate this popular language to or from over 150 languages whether in a general or technical manner. When important documentation needs translation, it is always best to trust the experts to ensure important details are not lost in translation.

Axis Translations specializes in technical Kyrgyz translations. These are translations that cover a subject matter that many translators may be unfamiliar with and prone to making errors. For example, for a highly technical Kyrgyz computer programming instruction page to be translated into another language, it is crucial for the individual undertaking the task to have knowledge of the terminology being used as failure to possess such knowledge could cause much confusion to readers.

For anyone undergoing the immigration process, it quickly becomes evident that the procurement of qualified translation services is a must. The governmental departments that process the paperwork to pass through applications require documentation such as birth certificates and other records of the Kyrgyz applicant, and these documents require an accurate translation. Axis Translations has the credentials to provide accurate translations that will be acceptable to government immigration agencies.

Axis Translations is also skilled at providing promotional and sales translations. We understand the growing need to market to a much larger audience with online capabilities. Whether our clients are natives looking to promote their products or services to a broader audience outside of the Kyrgyz market or are attempting to narrow in on Kyrgyz business, the professional staff at Axis Translations are qualified to translate to and from the language in order to accurately present the product or service in the manner in which the merchant intends.

Large corporations have found it necessary to have financial translations made to accurately present their accounting and make important business decisions. Axis Translations can provide quality Kyrgyz translations regarding monetary information.

Sometimes, it may be necessary to procure a Kyrgyz translations simply for personal use such as for the purchase of a Dutch property or to translate certain legal documents for an overseas relative. Axis Translations can provide the translation necessary to bridge this gap as well.

Kyrgyz Transcription Service

Finally, we also offer a Kyrgyz transcription service to assist with audio and video material. Such services can help with television, film, legal and police services, training, marketing and a wide range of circumstances.

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Kyrgyz Language Facts

  • Kyrgyz became one of the two the official languages of Kyrgyzstan in September 1991 with Russian being the other primary language spoken.
  • Kyrgyz has Turkish origins and first adopted the Arabic alphabet. Later, it picked up the use of Latin and later moved on to the use of Cyrillic script in 1941.
  • Russian is the primary language of use in the country, but the use of Kyrgyz is becoming further implemented in parliamentary meetings and other important communication.
  • Kyrgyz is the primary language used by nearly 4.5 million people worldwide.
  • Aside from Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyz is also spoken in countries such as China, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Russia.