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Kurdish Translatio

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Kurdish Translation Services

The key for any successful business to grow and thrive in today's market is international expansion. A business that makes its trade solely among English-speaking customers can experience tremendous success, but that customer base is still limited. Eventually there will come a time when the ability to compete on the global scale will depend on international business dealings. For that reason a business needs a dependable, fast and quality service such as Axis Translations to help branch out.

Professional Kurdish Translators

But life is not just about business. In reality there are numerous reasons why you might require Kurdish translations and we can assist with all of them. This includes assistance to charities and organisation wishing to spread a message or advice to the Kurdish community. Persons with Kurdish documents who need them translated for emigration and studies. Even Kurdish transcription of audio and video material for film and television.

Translating business products, websites and more into the Kurdish language can open the door to a huge new customer market. Many parts of the Middle East have communities which speak Kurdish either fluently or partially, and the area is an untapped resource for business expansion. While not as affluent or commonly dealt with as regions of Europe or Asia, it is still rich with potential customers and a key resource for any business expanding globally. With more than 16-million people worldwide using Kurdish as their primary language there is no reason to avoid translation services between this difficult language and English. We can also assist with Kurdish in combination with over 150 other languages.

What makes Kurdish difficult when it comes to speaking and translation is the fact that it is not a unified language. There is no set rulebook on speaking and writing Kurdish. Instead those who use it rely on varying regional rules and dialects to dictate how they interpret and use the language. This means that from place to place Kurdish may be the language of choice, but the sound and usage is completely different and oftentimes unintelligible from the other. By relying on a quality translation service a business can ensure their documents, information and messages get to all Kurdish speakers in a manner they understand. To incorrectly present a piece of information in Kurdish would be insulting and alienate part of the customer base, so great care is taken to make sure the proper regional rules are followed both in speech and text during the translation process. Axis Translation uses speakers familiar with many forms of Kurdish as well as those familiar with the regions it is spoken to ensure the proper rules are followed and all translations are done with quality.

Kurdish Transcription Service

And for the business offering products beyond just text or websites, Axis Translations offers multiple services. Translations and transcription can be done between English and Kurdish for audio and video sources, software and more. We ensure your business gets the best translation in the quickest manner for all of its materials, all from one source.

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Facts About the Kurdish Language

  • Spoken throughout western Asia by about 16-million people.
  • Served primarily as written poetry until the 20th century when it began to find use in other literature and speaking.
  • Official language of Iraq but restricted in other nations including Turkey and banned in some such as Syria.