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Japanese Translation

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Japanese Translation Services

So, your business is thriving and establishing wonderful relationships with its English-speaking customers. What is a company to do when their customer base begins to expand to include all corners of the globe? That is where accurate Japanese translation services from Axis Translations can help.

Translating your web site content and marketing materials into other languages maximizes your exposure to a worldwide marketplace. The Japanese market comprises a potential client base of 127 million people that you will be able to reach once you have targeted that market. Not only can we offer thetranslation of English to Japanese, we also assist with the translation of Japanese to English and over 150 other languages combinations. Trust Axis Translations to remove the language barrier with our Japanese translation team. 

Translation to and from Japanese can be a rather complicated affair due to the four alphabets that are used within the country. Although English is widely used by Japanese business, the ability to communicate in the native language can offer a company a substantial advantage, both by boosting communications efficiency as well as providing for a friendlier business relationship.

Professional Japanese Translation

Machine translation to and from Japanese is problematic due to the language's inherent complexity and vast differences when compared to Romance languages such as English, Spanish and German. That is why Axis Translations' Japanese translation services are rendered by Japanese speakers who are native to the country. are professional qualified translators who have been hand selected after a rigorous qualification process to ensure that the end result is a translations of the highest quality.

Japanese Transcription - Japanese Interpreters

Unlike most other translation agencies, Axis Translations does not offer only text translation. Our Japanese translations services include building accurate transcripts from audio and video sources, web page translation, and even creating high-quality voice over recordings for use in video projects. We also offer software localization services. By making your software available in as many popular languages as possible, its reach is maximized and it can become the universal "go to" program in its field. For the courts and business meetings we supply Japenese interpreters. So please consider Axis translations for Japanese interpreters and Japanese transcription services in addition to your translation requirements.

Contact Axis Translations today for a free quote for Japanese translation services. We stand behind the quality of all of our products 100 percent. Working with us is a choice that means not only a wider customer base, but a reputation to be proud of.

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Facts About Japan

- Known for a rich culture dating back thousands of years
- An archipelago composed of over 2,000 islands
- Major islands are Honshu (southern) and Hokkaido (northern)
- Held the world's second largest economy until 2010
- Has a robust economy, specializing in high-tech fields
- Well known for an electronics manufacturing boom in the 1980s-1990s
- Home to hundreds of multinational corporations including Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi and JVC
- Population of nearly 128 million people according to the most recent national census

Facts About the Japanese Language

- Known locally as Nihongo
- Comprised of four alphabets:
- Hiragana: Built of individual syllables, forming native Japanese words.
- Katakana: Built of individual syllables, forming foreign words, e.g. English.
- Kanji: Made primary of Chinese symbols, representing entire words.
- Romaji: A-Z English-similar alphabet used for native Japanese and English words.
- Japanese translation services are often needed to handle combinations of Japanese and English text, as the two are frequently used interchangeably in Japanese business endeavours, particularly advertisement