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Italian Translation

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Accurate Italian Translation

Axis Translations offers language services for Italian in combination with over 200 other languages. This includes timely and accurate Italian translations into/from English and all other language combinations.

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Correct Italian Translation

We are able to assist you with a professional Italian translation for an extensive list of document types and subject matters. This includes annual reports for international companies and technical manuals for engineering equipment. Below you will find just a few of the situations where we can assist you with a professional Italian translation:

Sales and Marketing – Brochures, catalogues, proposals and quotations. We can assist by translating all the required documents to the language of your choice.

Italian Website Translations - Research shows that web users are 4 times more likely to purchase a product when the website is in the clients native language. We offer Italian website translation to help businesses enter the Italian market or launch Italian products in new markets.

Property Purchases - We have assisted many people with their dream of obtaining an Italian dream home. This has ranged from the translation of legal papers to expert reports on the property.

Italian Legal Translations - We offer assistance with italian legal documents. This might be a contract, joint venture agreement, expert report, witness statement or other. The team of linguists at Axis Translations includes experts in legal translation.

Financial – Whether it is an annual financial report, bank statement or document for the stock exchange, our team can assist.

Technical/Engineering Translation - We translate documentation, manuals and correspondence of a technical or engineering nature. This includes installation manuals for machinery, geological reports, architects documents, structural reports and more.

Medical Translation - The developments in the world of medicine are now truly global. The translation of medical documents can assist with the spreading of new knowledge and techniques and save lives. Our medical translations range from personal medical documents through to large scale clinical trials.

Translate English to the Italian Language

All our Italian translators are qualified as professional translators and experience in a wide range of specialist subject matters. We subdivide our linguists by area of specialist expertise and your Axis Translations Project Manager will ensure that each document is completed by the correct translator for the document type. Each project is managed by a  Translation Project Manager who will follow your project through to delivery of the translated text.

Italian Transcription Service – We also offer a transcription service to assist you with audio and video recordings. This might be for television, film, evidence for the courts, training and a variety of uses. Our services are not limited to text only.

Italian interpreters – We provide linguists on location. This might be an court interpreter for a hearing, a conference interpreter for a medical conference or an interpreter for a wide range of other situations. Axis Translations offer interpreters at the agreed location to assist you and remove the language barrier.

Contact Axis Translations to discuss your requirements. The experts in Italian translation, transcription and interpreting services.

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Quick Italian Language Facts

The Italian language derives from Latin and it's therefore a Romance language. Modern Italian is based on the Florentine dialect of 1300, but since then it has evolved and generated a series of regional dialects. Today the language is mainly spoken in Italy by approximately 66 million people, but there are some Italian-speaking communities in other countries too, namely in Switzerland, Malta and some former African colonies. It is one of the official languages of the European Union and it is the fourth most studied foreign language in the US and the UK after French, Spanish and German.