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Icelandic Translation

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Professional Icelandic Translation

Axis Translations is an international translation agency offering professional translations from Icelandic to English or English to Icelandic or in one of 200 other languages from around the world. Our translators are experienced and capable of handling even specialties such as the legal, medical and financial fields. Whether your translation needs are big or small, Axis Translations are here and ready and able to help you get started today. We can help you to translate your family documents or prepare a web site for translation to expand your online audience.

Icelandic Transcription Service

Axis Translations can even help you to transcribe and translate video and audio from Icelandic or any of our other many languages we offer translation services for. The Icelandic transcription can be proved in a dual language format to show how the transcript and translation correspond. We can also add time-codes to help with identifying when each part has been spoken. Icelandic transcription can be a great help for television and film.

Icelandic is a Northern Germanic language with over 300,000 speakers in Iceland, Canada, and the United States. It is the closest of the Northern Germanic languages to Old Norse. Many speakers of Icelandic are in fact able to read Old Norse epics and written word.

Throughout history, Icelandic has changed little in written form since the 13th century. Unlike with other languages, modern speakers of Icelandic can still read the Sagas and Eddas in Old Icelandic and Old Norse which were written over 800 years ago. The Icelandic alphabet retains some letters not found in the modern English alphabet. Despite slight differences, for the most part the English and Icelandic alphabets use most of the same pronunciation for both languages and remain similar to other European language pronunciation. This is known through the comparisons of the oldest written documents of Icelandic from 1100 AD to those of other languages such as German, English, or French from the same period overall.

Axis Translations is here to help you translate from over 200 languages. Expand your business to Iceland or anywhere else in the world with accurate language translations. Discover your family heritage and history from your ancestors.

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