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Hungarian Translation

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Hungarian Translation Service

Hungarian is spoke by more than 15 million people, and Axis Translations can help you reach them. Our experienced translators are native Hungarian speakers (for translations into Hungarian) and where applicable live in Hungary. Our Hungarian translation service works with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to start-ups. We also offer Hungarian translation for non-business purposes. Regardless of what you need, Axis Translations can help you.

Professional Hungarian Translations

We have worked with large companies to translate marketing campaigns, textbooks, and even webpage’s to and from Hungarian. We offer Hungarian translations for more than 200 language combinations in addition to English. We have highly trained employees who can work with your website’s existing code to translate your text to or from Hungarian without changing the layout of your page. We also have translators who can work with legal or medical documents to create a high-quality, professional Hungarian translation. We even offer medical transcription to or from Hungarian. Whatever your business needs, we can satisfy them.

Businesses have worked with us to create advertising material, customer service surveys and training manuals for field staff. We work to your budgets and agreed deadlines to ensure that your objectives are achieved.

For individuals, we can translate medical, legal, or government documents. Whether you’re a Hungarian speaker needing help emigrating to a new country or an expatriate moving to Hungary, we can help you adjust to your new life. We offer Hungarian translations of birth certificates, medical records, government forms, and more.

Hungarian has been around for thousands of years, and at Axis Translations we especially enjoy historical translations. We can work with universities or libraries to translate ancient books or with families who need Hungarian translations of old family letters.

We also offer 2 further language services:

  • Hungarian Transcription Service
  • Hungarian transcription of audio and video recordings. This includes assisting in productions for television documentaries.
  • Qualified Hungarian Interpreters
  • We offer Hungarian interpreting services to provide you with linguists on locations for all nature of meetings. This includes court interreters, conference interpreters, interpreters for medical purposes nd many other situations.
  • Call us today to get a free quote for your Hungarian translation, transcription and interpreting requirement.

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Facts about the Hungarian Language:

  • Hungarian is a non-Indo-European language that is closely related to the languages of western Siberia. Linguists think that Hungarians emigrated from Siberia around 1000 B.C.E.
  • Hungarian writing has existed since the 10th century, but the original alphabet was overtaken by Latin under the influence of Catholic leaders. Hungarian books were first printed in 1533 with the Latin alphabet.
  • Hungary has interacted with many countries over its centuries of existence, and the Hungarian language has borrowed from these countries’ vocabulary. Loanwords can be found from German, Italian, French, Romanian, Latin, Greek, Slavic languages, Turkish and English.
  • Traditionally, the last name comes before the given name. When translating to Western languages, it is common to use the Western order of given name followed by surname.
  • The Hungarian language has four different levels of politeness. Axis Translations can help you determine which form of speaking is best for your business needs.