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Hokkien Translation

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Hokkien Translation, Transcription and Interpreting Services

Whenever you need to reach out to Hokkien-speaking communities of China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia or the Philippines, you will find our Hokkien translation service the ideal solution. Quick, accurate, and totally reliable, we only use native speakers of the Hokkien language.

At Axis Translations our translations are performed by real people and not automated software that produces confused documents. As Hokkien is a complex Chinese dialect and lots of phrases, idioms, and sentence structures are very different from mainstream Mandarin (although similar characters are used), it is important that you get your documents professionally translated rather than risk a costly misunderstanding. Hokkien has also transitioned to several variants due to differences in lifestyle, geographical location and the interaction with different cultures. For instance the Hokkien spoken in the Chinese province of Fujian will vary slightly with Hokkien in Hokkiensia as the latter has exposure to a completely different language, has "borrowed" words from the Hokkien language, and the structure tends to be more direct and choppy. Although it is easy to assume that many Hokkien-speakers are somewhat familiar with Mandarin, presenting them with a Hokkien translation is much more impressive and shows that you care about them. 

We can translate any document type accurately from birth certificates to scripts for commercials to technical white papers as we select the best individual translator for the assignment. Our translators are not simply language professionals but also come from a variety of academic and occupational backgrounds. As we base our selection on industry familiarity and geographic location, you can be assured of a high degree of accuracy in the translation.

Some of our common Hokkien translation requests include corporate branding material, medical records, legal documents, bills of lading, manufacturing contracts, scripts for radio and television commercials, news articles, instructions for operation or assembly of machinery, copy for websites and print brochures. We can also transcribe Hokkien audio and video material to assist with television and other requirements.

When the mainstream language of your intended audience is Hokkien, you should consider whether it would be a mistake to simple translate everything to Mandarin just because it is widely used and the official language of China. Through the decades, Chinese have emigrated all over the world, had inter-cultural assimilation, and as such the Hokkien language has evolved quite substantially. How it is spoken in Taiwan can sound completely strange to the Hokkien community in Indonesia for example. In some locations it is more formally spoken while in others, more colloquial. Just imagine if an inaccurate translation created embarrassment or operational instructions gave the wrong guidance. For a small translation fee, you can save yourself from preventable mishaps that may otherwise cost your business money or reputation. 

Do you have a document ready for our Hokkien translation? Please contact us by telephone or e-mail so that we can discuss your requirements.  

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