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Haitian Creole Translation

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Haitian Creole Translation Service

The world grows smaller with the help of the World Wide Web and lightning-fast communications. The interactions with people of other cultures and languages has become almost a necessity. Businesses are quickly adapting to these changing conditions.

Axis Translations is the perfect solution for all of your language needs and our services include Haitian Creole translation, transcription and interpreting.

Professional Haitian Translation

On the web, the need for multiple languages increases daily. An organisation might communicate their message further as the internet becomes within reach of a greater percentage of Haiti and Haitian speakers. Because of the difficulty of translating pages with the correct meaning and grammar into multiple languages, businesses require professional translating services. It is also more efficiently when the translating services can provide translations for a range of languages instead of hiring multiple service providers. In this regard, Axis Translation can be your solution.

Even today, relatively new languages are emerging. Haitian Creole, a rarely spoken language outside of Haiti, has increasingly infiltrated to other neighbouring countries. The mass emigration of Haitians began in the 1980s and 1990s during a period of violence in Haiti. The United States and other countries in the Caribbean welcomed the wave of immigration into their borders. Today, approximately 535,000 immigrants live and work in the United States. Haitian Creole translation services catering to the rising Haitian population have multiplied in the past decade. Haitian Creole translations are difficult due to the few people that are proficient in both Haitian Creole and the English languages.

There is more to translating than a basic literal rendering of the word to another language. A high quality translation needs to effectively convey an idea into text, which will allow a different culture and humour to understand its meaning. A high quality translation is often an elaborate task and can only be done appropriately and accurately by a native translator with experience and training.. At Axis Translations, Haitian-Creole translations are rendered by native speakers fluent in both languages. Our translators have been carefully selected to provide translations for a wide variety of subjects.

If accurate translations are needed, then a professional translation service like Axis Translations should be considered; especially with translations in Haitian-Creole since the dictionaries and computer programs are still catching up with the evolving language.

Haitian Transcription Service

Our Haitian Creole translations services include traditional services such as text translations: including official documents and birth certificates. However, we have also tailored our expertise to serve every aspect of your business from web page translations, providing Haitian Creole transcriptions for video and audio sources. We provide everything you need in one place!

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Haitian Creole Language Facts

  • The Haitian language is a mix of African dialects and French.
  • It is a relative new language, recognized only in 1961 as an official language.
  • The alphabet has 24 letters, missing c, q, u and x
  • It has a systematic orthography: words are written exactly how they sound
  • It has no grammatical gender