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Greek Translation

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Greek Translation Service

If you want accurate translation of Greek in a timely manner, then Axis Translations are here to fulfil your needs. Although the most common Greek translation is either from or to English, we handle almost any language combination you would be interested in.

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Our Greek translation service covers all types of projects, whether they are small E-mails or translation of large technical manuals. We will give you the best quality translation irrespective of the type of project you have.

Sample projects include:

  • Greek web site translation: Statistics show that people looking for products and services online are four times more likely to process their transactions if they deal with Web sites in their native languages. Whether you want your Web site translated from or to Greek, we have experts who will give you quality service.
  • Greek legal translation: Translating Greek legal documents helps in enhancing understanding of all concerned parties. Our Greek translators understand legal terms used in their respective language combinations.
  • Greek brochure translation: We give you a competitive edge by helping you communicate with your potential clients in their own languages.
  • Greek medical translation: We help in taking medical breakthroughs truly global by either localizing them into Greek or translating them to other languages.
  • Greek technical engineering manual translation: Your clients will be more interested in the technology you provide if they can understand the associated manuals.
  • Greek business and financial translation: This gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the present global economy by reaching your targeted clients irrespective of their geographical location.

We will provide you with a Greek translation quote relevant to your type of project. Just get in touch with us for more information.

Greek Translation Professionals

We have professional Greek translators who handle their respective native languages. The translators may live in different countries and perform the translation of Greek only to their own mother tongue.

We verify the qualifications of our translators by putting them through a testing and approval process to determine their competence. We also audit them at random to ensure they always deliver accurate translations.

Our Greek translation service covers all language combinations because we work with professional translators from all parts of the world.

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Greek Language Facts

- Greek is part of the Indo-European group of languages.
- Greek-speaking people probably invaded Greece by the sixteenth century.
- The earliest surviving Greek texts date back to the fifteenth century.
- Verbs and nouns in ancient Greek were inflected significantly.
- It has greatly influenced different Western languages, including English.