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German Translation

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German Translation Services

Your company or organization's web presence is a crucial aspect of doing business in the 21st century. However, it takes more than just a web site to get the job done. In the increasingly global marketplace, you need to be able to reach as many people as possible. That means communicating in as many languages as possible. Axis Translations is here to help you with any and all language services you might require. We support over 150 world languages and a variety of media formats. One of the most important languages to support is German and we can help with German translation services for over 150 language combinations.


Simple Text: We are able to translate anything from short strings of text to entire e-books and white papers. We even handle schematics. Unlike other German translation providers, we do not use any machine translation methods. We have a dedicated team with individual translators dedicated to each specific language. We hire only native speakers of the target language and each is professionally qualified and experience with specialisation in a particular field. These exacting requirements help to confirm their proficiency and translation accuracy.

German Legal translation: We translate every type of agreement and contract as well as assisting with court evidence and court interpreters.

Subtitles: We are able to insert subtitles based on our translations onto a large variety of media, both analogue and digital. We are also able to provide interface and help document translation, in addition to full-scale localization, for computer software. Due to our support of over 150 worldwide languages, we are able to provide translation modules for multiple languages that can be selected by users as well.

German Web Site Translations: Your web site is the cornerstone of your business or organization. The more languages and countries you can serve with your content, the wider visitor and customer base you can obtain. We are able to translate your web site into over 150 languages. We are equipped to translate sites written in HTML, CSS, PHP, Perl and CMS, also known as Content Management Systems, such as Wordpress, Drupal, Moveable Type and TextPattern.

German Interpreters

Do you require a German court interpreter or a German interpreter to assist with your conference or business meeting. Axis Translations offer interpreters on location to meet your requirements.

German Transcription Services

We are able to transcribe and translate any audio source to an accurate text file in the format of your choice, including DOC, DOCX, RTF and TXT. It doesn't matter if the source is just a short voice mail or an entire television program or university speech. We are up to any job.

Contact Axis Translations today, and we will be more than happy to provide the language services that you need. Expand your reach. Get in touch with a global audience. Choose Axis Translations.

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  • European Nation
  • Member of the European Union, also known as the EU
  • Has one of the world's largest economies
  • Substantial cultural influence
  • Known for its unique cuisine and heritage


  • Derived from Latin, and thus many German words bear similarity to Latin root words
  • Classified as a Germanic language in the Indo-European family
  • The German language has over 120 million native speakers
  • Over 80 million total people use German as a second language