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French Translation

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French Translation Service

Aside from providing the best products and services, reaching as wide a customer base as possible is one of the most crucial aspects of doing business in today's global economy. Nowadays, you never know if your next big client is going to be in Kansas or Kazakhstan. This is why it is important to maximize your business' exposure by translating your web site and marketing materials into as many languages as possible. Axis Translations can help you do this, and offers over 150 languages to choose from. One of the most useful is French. French translations can boost exposure and sales in a number of countries, including Canada, in addition to France itself.


Text Translation: Axis Translation will translate any text, long or short, full articles or entire books. Unlike other online translation services that use software to translate, our translations are provided by native speakers who have undergone a rigorous and proprietary training and qualification process.
French Web Site Translation: Your web site is the core of your company's public relations and advertisement. In order to maximize your exposure and customer base, you need your site to be accessible to as wide an audience as possible. We can translate your entire site into any one of over 150 languages, of which French is just one. We support sites built in HTML, PHP, Perl, and sites based on Content Management Systems, or CMS, such as Wordpress, Textpattern, Moveable Type and Drupal.
Voice-Over Translation: We can provide dubbing and subtitling services for a variety of media, including analogue, digital and Internet downloadable content of all kinds.
French Advertising Translation: We are ready to translate all your text and image advertisements, business cards and coupons to any language you choose for distribution across the Internet. We can also translate your press releases and social media network posts.
French translations unlimited: In addition to the above we can assist you with almost any specialist subject area and no project is too large or small.

French Transcription Services

Do you have an audio file that needs to be transcribed? We can do it with supreme accuracy and efficiency. Whether you need a few voicemails transcribed or a long speech, we can do the job. Our transcriptions are used for film makers, news networks and legal evidence.

French Interpreters

Linguists on location to help with conferences, court interpreting and meetings.

Axis Translation is ready to provide French translations services to match your every language need. Contact us today for text, audio, web site, voice-over or advertising translation. If you have another need not listed here, ask us and odds are, we can provide just the service you are looking for.


  • One of the most well-known European nations
  • A member of the European Union
  • Well known for its rich culture
  • A source of great art, cuisine, fashion and literature

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  • A Romance language based on Latin root words
  • Utilizes the 26-character Roman alphabet
  • Makes heavy use of accent marks for emphasis and pronunciation
  • The French language is spoken natively by over 115 million people worldwide
  • Spoken by over 130 million people including as a second language, potentially up to 275 million people
  • Spoken in 29 countries including France, Belgium, Canada, Cameroon, Monaco, Niger, Chad, Rwanda, Burundi, Djibouti, Haiti, Madagascar and Switzerland.
  • The main langu